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Time Out Paris

by Editors of Time Out

Time Out's resident team helps you get the best from the fascinating French capital in this annual guide. Along with detailed coverage of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and all the major attractions, the Time...

Pariswalks, Sixth Edition

by Alison Landes, Sonia Landes & Rebecca Landes

The perfect walking guide to Paris and its history, now in a thoroughly updated sixth edition

Full of architectural detail, unique advice, and historical anecdotes, Pariswalks allows the reader to do as the Parisians...

French - Phrasebook

by Estelle Demontrond-Box

Book Description

Visiting Paris, Nice or the French countryside ? The creator of the famous language-learning method has developed this indispensable companion for your break or business trip to France.


I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do)

by Mark Greenside

Tired of Provence in books, cuisine, and tablecloths? Exhausted from your armchair travels to Paris? Despairing of ever finding a place that speaks to you beyond reason? You are ripe for a journey to Brittany,...

Adventures on the Wine Route

by Kermit Lynch

When Adventures on the Wine Route was first published, Victor Hazan said, "In Kermit Lynch's small, true, delightful book there is more understanding about what wine really is than in everything else I have...

The Complete Jewish Guide to France

by Toni L. Kamins

The Complete Jewish Guide to France is the only resource you need to embark on a trip through Jewish France. Travel writer and journalist Toni L. Kamins catalogs information on well-known sights and little-known...

Time Out Paris

by Editors of Time Out

Time Out's resident team helps you get the best from the fascinating French capital in this annual guide. Along with detailed coverage of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and all the other major attractions, the...

Bistros of Paris

by Robert Hamburger & Barbara Hamburger

Now fully revised and updated, this popular guide and compendium of good eating captures the true character and flavor of the most intimate and affordable eating establishments Paris has to offer. Classified...

Paris at the End of the World

by John Baxter

A preeminent writer on Paris, John Baxter brilliantly brings to life one of the most dramatic and fascinating periods in the city’s history.

From 1914 through 1918 the terrifying sounds of World War I could...

Paris Select

by Insight Guides

Select Paris is a brand-new, full-colour guide to this vibrant city, offering authentic experiences, fresh discoveries, and a good dose of local culture, all brought together by a writer who knows the city inside-out....

Paris Nights

by Arnold Bennett

Paris Nights And Other Impressions of Places and People is a fiction written by an English writer Arnold Bennett. First published in 1913. And now republish in ebook format. We believe this work is culturally...

De Profundis

by Oscar Wilde

De Profundis (Latin: "from the depths") is an epistle written by Oscar Wilde during his imprisonment in Reading Gaol, to Lord Alfred Douglas.

Insight Guides Explore Nice & French Riviera

by Insight Guides

Insight Explore Guides: pocket-sized books to inspire your on-foot exploration of top international destinations. Now with free eBook.

? Practical, pocket-sized and packed with inspirational insider information,...

King Henry the Fourth

by John Abbott

While France was deluged with the blood of a civil war, young Henry was busily pursuing his studies in college. He could have had but little affection for his father, for the stern soldier had passed most of...

The Story of Napoleon

by Harold Wheeler

Whenever we hear the name of Napoleon mentioned, or see it printed in a book, it is usually in connection with a hard-fought victory on the battlefield. He certainly spent most of his life in the camp, and enjoyed...

A Short History of France from Caesar to Waterloo

by Agnes Robinson

Two thousand years ago the name of France was Gaul. When Julius Caesar invaded the country, some fifty years before the birth of Christ, he found it divided into three principal parts: there was Aquitaine, the...

The Life of Napoleon I

by J. Holland Rose

I was born when my country was perishing. Thirty thousand French vomited upon our coasts, drowning the throne of Liberty in waves of blood, such was the sight which struck my eyes." This passionate utterance,...

Louis the Fourteenth

by John Abbott

Then, instantly seizing another staff from the hands of an attendant, he waved it joyfully above his head, and shouted triumphantly, "Long live the king, Louis XV.!" A huzza burst from the lips of the assembled...

Henry of Navarre

by Paul Willert

FRENCH historians, anxious to vindicate in all things the priority of their nation, point out that in 1512, five years before Luther denounced the sale of indulgences, Lefevre, a lecturer on theology and letters...

A Guide to Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites

by Nick Inman

France is one of the most visited countries in the world – and one of the least known. This book takes you beyond the superficial coverage of conventional guidebooks – history, architecture, etc. – in...