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Vladimir Jankelevitch and the Question of Forgiveness

by Alan Udoff

Based on the proceedings of an international conference, Vladimir Jankelevitch and the Question of Forgiveness comprises the first book-length expository and critical reading of Jankelevitch’s masterwork:...

Context Effects on Embodied Representation of Language Concepts

by Jie Yang

Embodied theories claim that semantic representations are grounded in sensorimotor systems, but the contribution of sensorimotor brain areas in representing meaning is still controversial. One current debate...

Bug Music

by David Rothenberg

In the spring of 2013 the cicadas in the Northeastern United States will yet again emerge from their seventeen-year cycle—the longest gestation period of any animal. Those who experience this great sonic invasion...

Embodied Collective Memory: The Making and Unmaking of Human Nature

by Rafael F. Narváez

The human body is not a given fact—it is acquired, achieved, and learned. The body remembers, and it does so in collectively relevant ways. This book discusses how, why, and to what extent corporeal memories...

Why Not Socialism?

by G. A. Cohen

Is socialism desirable? Is it even possible? In this concise book, one of the world's leading political philosophers presents with clarity and wit a compelling moral case for socialism and argues that the obstacles...

Historical Dictionary of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy

by Rosalind Carey & John Ongley

The Historical Dictionary of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy is the only dictionary to date of Bertrand Russell's ideas. It is a guide to the many elements of Russell's philosophy. A glimpse at Russell's work...

Multimedia Psychotherapy: A Psychodynamic Approach for Mourning in the Technological Age

by Domenico A., M.D. Nesci

Multimedia Psychotherapy: A Psychodynamic Approach for Mourning in the Technological Age is a complete manual to let all health professionals learn Multimedia Psychotherapy and apply it with their own patients....

Branded Bodies, Rhetoric, and the Neoliberal Nation-State

by Jennifer Wingard

Branded Bodies, Rhetoric, and the Neoliberal Nation-State, by Dr. Jennifer Wingard, explores how neoliberal economics has affected the rhetoric of the media and politics, and how in very direct, material ways...

Asian Popular Culture: New, Hybrid, and Alternate Media

by John A. Lent & Lorna Fitzsimmons

Asian Popular Culture explores the evolution and intersection of popular forms (gaming, manga, anime, film, music, YouTube videos) and explicates these media's changing cultural meanings in historical and contemporary...

Beyond Gender: From Suject to Drive

by Paul Verhaeghe

In this volume, Paul Verhaeghe's lectures on the development of psychoanalytic theory between Freud and Lacan are reproduced as a written work of astonishing versatility, which stands at the vanguard of Lacanian...

Angry People: . . . and What We Can Learn from Them

by Warren W. Wiersbe

A respected Bible teacher uses the lives of Moses, Jesus, David, and others to show how to deal with anger. Living Lessons from God's Word series.

Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives for the Supervisor and the Supervisee

by Martin H. Rock

Provides first-person, subjective accounts of the supervisory process from the viewpoint of both the supervisor and the supervisee.

Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy

by Susan M. Knell

Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy (CBPT) incorporates cognitive and behavioral interventions within a play therapy paradigm. It provides a theoretical framework based on cognitive-behavioral principles and integrates...

Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: The Treatment of Choice

by Bertram P. Karon & Gary R. VandenBos

An important new book which is a stunning attempt by two knowledgeable, persevering psychotherapists to present their understanding and sound therapeutic approach to dealing with the difficulties and challenges...

Psychotherapy of Preoedipal Conditions: Schizophrenia and Severe Character Disorders

by Hyman Spotnitz

In Psychotherapy of Preoedipal Conditions, Hyman Spotnitz and his contributors demonstrate how to develop and use emotional interchange that fosters a climate of increasing emotional complexity and facilitates...

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies

by Susan Gibbs Goetz

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies looks at how girls learn from the time they are born, taking the reader through both the informal and formal education process. While the focus is on science...

A Primer on Working with Resistance

by Martha Stark

"Martha Stark's primer on resistance is a unique book. It takes as the heart of the clinical problem the patient's reluctance to change, that ubiquitous and paradoxical phenomenon of our work in which people...

Repairing Intimacy: An Object Relations Approach to Couples Therapy

by Judith, Ph.D Siegel

By drawing upon object relations concepts, the couples therapist is able to work with both the intrapsychic makeup of the partners and their ways of relating as a couple.

Children's Books from Other Countries

by Carl M. Tomlinson

A complete and current guide to international children's literature. The annotated bibliography contains over 700 titles from 29 different countries printed between 1950 and 1996. All titles are available in...

A Pure Theory of Democracy

by Antonio García-Trevijano & Miguel Rodríguez de Peñaranda

The author builds a realistic theory of democracy to end the false idea that corruption, state crime, and public immorality are democracy's (undesirable) products, not the natural and inevitable fruits of oligarchic...