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Virtuous Imbalance: Political Philosophy between Desirability and Feasibility

by Pasquali

Which kind of methodology should political philosophy endorse to jointly meet its theoretical and practical commitments? Virtuous Imbalance: Political Philosophy between Desirability and Feasibility assesses...

Accelerated Ecological Psychotherapy: ETT Applications for Sleep Disorders, Pain, and Addiction

by Steven R. Vazquez

By means of drastically amplifying the effect of interpersonal dialog through the use of precise elements of client visual ecology, non-pharmaceutical breakthroughs for a variety of conditions have been achieved....

Babbling Echoes: Soundings from Yesteryear

by H. A. Dorfman

Harvey Dorfman was an educator, journalist, counselor, coach, and consultant. This volume is a collection of selected articles written by Dorfman over the span of four decades. Included are personal reflections,...

Moral Theory: An Introduction

by Mark Timmons

Moral Theory: An Introduction explores some of the most historically important and currently debated moral theories about the nature of the right and good. Providing an introduction to moral theory that explains...

Addiction and Spirituality: A Multidisciplinary Approach

by Oliver J. Morgan

Religious and secular counselors from a variety of disciplines share their basic approaches in working with addicted persons and their understandings of the spiritual dimension in treatment and recovery.

The Psychology of Music

by Diana Deutsch

The Psychology of Music, Third Edition, is a comprehensive reference for understanding the perception, cognition, and performance of music. The first edition became the calling card for the establishment of...

Play Therapy Treatment Planning and Interventions: The Ecosystemic Model and Workbook

by Kevin John O'Connor & Sue Ammen

Play Therapy: Treatment Planning and Interventions: The Ecosystemic Model and Workbook, 2e, provides key information on one of the most rapidly developing and growing areas of therapy. Ecosystemic play therapy...

Handbook of Psychology, Forensic Psychology

by Irving B. Weiner & Randy K. Otto

Psychology is of interest to academics from many fields, as well as to the thousands of academic and clinical psychologists and general public who can't help but be interested in learning more about why humans...

The Magic Loop, How to Use Your Words to Heal Yourself!

by Roy Cage

Synopsis: If you want to get well...really well, then you need this book! It is a quick, easy 'read' because it goes directly to the point and sticks to it! Your body is governed by your brain, and your brain...

The Genius of Language: Fifteen Writers Reflect on Their Mother Tongue

by Wendy Lesser

Fifteen outstanding writers answered editor Wendy Lesser’s call for original essays on the subject of language–the one they grew up with, and the English in which they write.Despite American assumptions...

Become a Great Conversationalist

by Booher. Dianna

Have you ever been to a dinner party where someone drones on and on about every subject to show off his or her in-depth knowledge? Or have you heard someone using complex jargon to try to build rapport as an...

How to Write Sympathy Letters & Notes: 40 Ready-To-Use Letters

by Booher. Dianna

Are you saddened but unsure about how best to express your deep feelings in the face of sorrow or tragedy? In sympathy situations, friends and family have the greatest need to hear from you. Don't leave them...

How to Write Reference Letters:35 Ready-to-Use Letters

by Booher. Dianna

From time to time, your friends, relatives, and business associates will need you to write character references, letters of recommendation, introduction to business colleagues, reference letters to college admission...

How to Write Apology Letters:57 Ready-to-Use Letters

by Booher. Dianna

Have you ever tried to apologize to someone and realized that your apology made things worse? It happens. Apologies are difficult because you're already dealing with a negative situation: The other person hears...

Presentation Pointers:53 Tips for a Dynamic Delivery

by Booher. Dianna

Whether you're standing before a group of 2000 customers at an industry meeting, presenting your annual goals and budget in a small conference room before 7 colleagues, or in an elevator when your boss steps...

Negotiating So Everyone Feels Like a Winner:Negotiation Strategies and Techniques for Sales Success

by Booher. Dianna

Develop win-win situations for all parties.Proposing an idea with colleagues? Negotiating the salary for a new job? Buying a product or service? Learn to negotiate like the pros:• Evaluate your position, situation,...

How to Write Thank You Notes: 84 Ready-To-Use Letters

by Booher. Dianna

Gifts, hospitality, help, encouragement on a big project, great service. All of these are special occasions for expressing gratitude to your friends, family, and colleagues at work. Don't miss these opportunities...

Quotations on Communication and Other Quips:Presentations, Writing, Interpersonal Skills, Meetings, Listening, Conflict, Body Language, Gender Communi

by Booher. Dianna

Add the perfect touch to a project when you choose from this collection of more than 140 quotations and quips on communication, productivity, and related topics.• Spice up your speeches with just the right...

What's the Point:Telling Memorable Stories So People Will Remember You

by Dawn Jones

Would you like people to respect you more, admire you and buy into your ideas? Would you like people to grasp the point of your message-and remember it? Would you like to know how top speakers create memorable...

The Power of Focus:What Are You Not Saying? Nonverbal Techniques That "Talk" People into Your Ideas without Saying a Word

by Dawn Jones

Would you like to be respected and admired without saying a word? Would you like to discover and use nonverbal techniques for negotiating a pay raise at work? Would you like to overcome the fear of public speaking?...