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Friedman's Fables (with Booklet)

by Edwin H. Friedman

Edwin H. Friedman has woven 24 illustrative tales that offer fresh perspectives on familiar human foibles and reflect the author's humor, pathos, and understanding. Friedman takes on resistance and other "demons"...

Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage

by Maggie Scarf

“Anyone involved in, embarking on, or yearning for, an intimate relationship should buy, borrow or steal Intimate Partners.”

–New Woman

What goes on in our intimate attachments? What patterns of relationships...

Asperger's Syndrome - That Explains Everything: Strategies for Education, Life and Just About Everything Else

by Stephen Bradshaw & Francesca Happ?

This book clearly explains proven and practical approaches in education and care that will enable young people with AS to thrive. The author uses anecdotes from his extensive teaching experience to illustrate...

A Brief Guide to Autism Treatments

by Elisabeth Hollister Sandberg, Becky L. Spritz & Malorie L. Dimler

This practical guide provides brief, user-friendly descriptions of common and lesser known treatments for autism, offering a balanced overview of current opinion and scientific data. Each chapter covers a single...

Islands of Genius: The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired, and Sudden Savant

by Darold A. Treffert, Peter Leed & Rosa Martinez

In this fascinating book, Dr. Treffert looks at what we know about savant syndrome, and at new discoveries that raise interesting questions about the hidden brain potential within us all. He looks both at how...

Art Therapy and Postmodernism: Creative Healing Through a Prism

by Helene Burt, Anu Lala & Joy Schaverien

This book brings together the work of international art therapists with diverse experiences and perspectives. They share, however, a common postmodern belief that art is a unique way of expressing the human...

Safeguarding Children from Emotional Maltreatment: What Works

by Jane Barlow & Anita Schrader

Emotional maltreatment is widespread and has a profoundly harmful effect on a child's development. The effects of abuse are often carried into adulthood, and emotionally abused children are more likely to experience...

Transition or Transformation?: Helping young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder set out on a hopeful road towards their adult lives

by Julia Hardy, Stephanie Lord & John Clements

The book describes a programme developed at a school for people with ASDs, which successfully enabled autistic pupils to achieve their full potential. The authors explain the challenges faced by the young people,...

Life at the Edge and Beyond: Living with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome

by Jan Greenman

In this account of bringing up her son, Luke, Greenman challenges common perceptions of a 'life with labels', and recalls her family's 18 year journey to the edge and back. Writing about the medical issues of...

Substance Misuse: The Implications of Research, Policy and Practice

by Joy Barlow, Anne Bryce & Margaret Black

Substance misuse and its pervasive problems is a constant challenge for social work, health and related professionals today. It is paramount that professionals remain up-to-date on current issues and their responsibilities....

Aspergers in Love

by Maxine Aston, Gisela Slater-Walker & Christopher Slater-Walker

Comparing both AS and non-AS partners' viewpoints, this book frankly examines the aspects of relationships that are often complicated by the disorder. With all findings illustrated with case examples taken from...

Motivate to Communicate!: 300 Games and Activities for Your Child with Autism

by Simone Griffin & Dianne Sandler

This practical resource is brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The clear, user-friendly format enables quick access to over 300...

Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide Revised Edition

by Christopher Lukas & Henry M Seiden

Silent Grief is a book for and about "suicide survivors" - those who have been left behind by the suicide of a friend or loved one. Written by a suicide survivor, this book gives valuable insights into living...

An Asperger Marriage

by Gisela Slater-Walker, Christopher Slater-Walker & Anthony Attwood

Chris and Gisela have been partners for 12 years. When Chris was diagnosed with AS, Gisela had to come to terms with a marriage in which there would never be an intuitive understanding despite Chris's good intentions....

Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome: 200 Tips and Strategies

by Brenda Boyd

Brenda is mother to thirteen-year-old Kenneth, author of Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything. Brenda discusses parents' reaction to their child's AS and gives advice on how better to understand 'Planet...

Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships

by Ashley Stanford

Ashley Stanford is married to a man with AS, and her book provides the answers to many of the questions asked by people in that situation. She provides strategies for living successfully with the more uncompromising...

Reflections of Body Image in Art Therapy: Exploring Self through Metaphor and Multi-Media

by Margaret R Hunter

The art-based activities in this book use a range of media to engage with common body image concerns and encourage self acceptance. It will be valuable to professionals working with girls and women struggling...

Creative Coping Skills for Children: Emotional Support through Arts and Crafts Activities

by Bonnie Thomas

This resource comprises a collection of fun, flexible, tried-and-tested activities and make-it-yourself workbooks for parents and professionals to help a child in need of extra emotional support find the coping...

A Friend's and Relative's Guide to Supporting the Family with Autism: How Can I Help?

by Ann Palmer & Stephen M. Shore

This book explains the nature of autism and the likely challenges a family will face when their child is diagnosed. It is full of advice on how extended family members and friends can provide the necessary help,...

Trueman Bradley - Aspie Detective

by Alexei Maxim Russell

Trueman Bradley comes to New York City to fulfil his dream. When he is told a guy with Asperger's Syndrome could never be a successful private detective, he uses his talent for mathematics and, with the help...