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Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations

by Fred Huffman

What you need to know to survive, long term.

Interests between broadcasters and telecom people are blurring. Technical operations and design engineers in one field are increasingly required to deal with practices...

Changing Roles for a New Psychotherapy

by John G. Miller

Psychotherapy is not a "one size fits all approach." As author John Miller describes in Changing Roles for a New Psychotherapy, all theoretical orientations have their uses and merits in different situations...

Free Will: The Basics

by Meghan Griffith

The question of whether humans are free to make their own decisions has long been debated and it continues to be a controversial topic today. In Free Will: The Basics readers are provided with a clear and accessible...

Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence: 4th Edition

by Bryan Lask & Rachel Bryant-Waugh

In the fourth edition of this accessible and comprehensive book, Bryan Lask and Rachel Bryant-Waugh build on the research and expertise of the previous three editions. First published in 1993, this was the first...

The Use of Self in Therapy, Third Edition

by Michele Baldwin

One of the most powerful factors in therapy is that it involves the intensive relationship between two (or more) human beings. The issues of transparency and self-disclosure therefore become important concerns...

Changing Emotions

by Dirk Hermans, Bernard Rimé & Batja Mesquita

The question 'how far can emotions be changed?' lies at the heart of innumerable psychological interventions. Although often viewed as static, changes in the intensity, quality, and complexity of emotion can...

Technology and the School Library: A Comprehensive Guide for Media Specialists and Other Educators

by Odin L. Jurkowski

Technology has become one of the three main areas of focus for school librarians, along with collaboration and leadership. To meet the growing need in this area, Technology and the School Library provides an...

Derrida in 90 Minutes: Philosophers in 90 Minutes

by Paul Strathern

In Derrida in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Derrida's life and ideas, and explains their influence on man's struggle to understand his existence in the world. The book also includes...


Paul Newman & Karampal Singh: About Karma

by Linda Stein-Luthke & , Martin F., PhD Luthke

Paul Newman and Karampal Singh speak to us from the higher planes about karma, a fundamental concept that is frequently misunderstood. They share profound insights into the laws that govern microcosms and macrocosm...

So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?: Writing for magazines, newspapers and beyond.

by Durbin Deborah

The easy way to earn a living from writing for magazines and newspapers.

Basic Radio Journalism

by Paul Chantler & Peter Stewart

Basic Radio Journalism is a working manual and practical guide to the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in radio journalism. It will be useful both to students starting a broadcasting career as well...

Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book

by EPJ Tozer

The current and definitive reference broadcast engineers need!

Compiled by leading international experts, this authoritative reference work covers every aspect of broadcast technology from camera to transmitter...

File Interchange Handbook: For professional images, audio and metadata

by Brad Gilmer

The authoritative work on file formats for global film and television!

The FILE INTERCHANGE HANDBOOK is a must-have reference for every film and video professional moving to computer based production and distribution....

Radio: The Book

by Steve Warren

As entertaining as it is educational, Radio: The Book is a must-have guide to success for anyone interested in a career in radio. Providing a wealth of information and relating his own personal experiences,...

Business of Digital Television

by Chris Forrester

Essential reading for anyone involved in broadcasting. The Business of Digital Television presents an overview or the digital television industry. Chris Forrester examines the key technologies and developments...

Understanding Digital Television: An Introduction to DVB Systems with Satellite, Cable, Broadband and Terrestrial TV Distribution

by Lars-Ingemar Lundstrom

With the milestones of Digital TV and HDTV, there are

lots of questions to be asked about television of today...

Understanding Digital Television explains complex technical systems and solutions in an easy

to comprehend...

Digital Sub-Editing and Design

by Stephen Quinn

This excellent book covers editing in the digital age, demonstrating the tools needed for effective text editing. Learn how to write powerful headlines and captions, and how to edit body text quickly and cleanly....

Word Court: Wherein verbal virtue is rewarded, crimes against the language are punished, and poetic justice is d

by Barbara Wallraff

In 1993, the Atlantic Monthly's senior editor Barbara Wallraff began answering grammar questions on America Online. Instantaneously the site became one of AOL's most popular forums, as questions, and responses...

The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales

National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism 1976

by Bruno Bettelheim

Bruno Bettelheim was one of the great child psychologists of the twentieth century and perhaps none of his books has been more influential than this revelatory study of fairy tales and their universal importance...