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Holographic Reprocessing: A Cognitive-Experiential Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Trauma

by Lori S. Katz

Holographic Reprocessing (HR) is a cognitive-experiential psychotherapy based on Seymour Epstein's theory of personality, cognitive experiential self-theory (CEST).

Working Memory and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

by Tracy Packiam Alloway & Susan E. Gathercole

Short-term or working memory - the capacity to hold and manipulate information mentally over brief periods of time - plays an important role in supporting a wide range of everyday activities, particularly...

Recovery of the Lost Good Object

by Eric Brenman & Gigliola Fornari Fornari Spoto

Recovery of the Lost Good Object brings together the hugely influential papers and seminars of Eric Brenman, revealing his impact on the development of psychoanalysis and allowing a better understanding of his...

Ideas: General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology

by Edmund Husserl

Widely regarded as the father of phenomenology, Edmund Husserl's Ideas puts forth his revolutionary argument for phenomenology as the foundation of all philosophy and for experience as the source of all knowledge. His...

Video Systems in an It Environment: The Essentials of Professional Networked Media

by Al Kovalick

Audio/Video (AV) systems and Information Technology (IT) are colliding. Broadcasters and other AV professionals are impacted by the transition to IT components and techniques. This is the first book to focus...

The Infinite

by A.W. Moore

Anyone who has pondered the limitlessness of space and time, or the endlessness of numbers, or the perfection of God will recognize the special fascination of this question. Adrian Moore's historical study of...

When Parents Die: Learning to Live with the Loss of a Parent

by Rebecca Abrams & Dora Black

This new edition covers the entire course of grieving, from the immediate aftermath of a parent's death through to the point of recovery, paying particular attention to the many circumstances that can complicate...

Inside Intuition

by Eugene Sadler-Smith

What is 'gut feeling' and how can it be harnessed? To what extent should business decisions be informed by 'instincts' which may seem irrational or impossible to quantify?

Inside Intuition examines how the latest...

Introduction to Logic

by Harry J. Gensler

Introduction to Logic offers one of the most clear, interesting and accessible introductions to what has long been considered one of the most challenging subjects in philosophy. Harry Gensler engages students...

Interactive TV Standards: A Guide to MHP, OCAP, and JavaTV

by Steven Morris & Anthony Smith-Chaigneau

For any digital TV developer or manager, the maze of standards and specifications related to MHP and OCAP is daunting-you have to patch together pieces from several standards to gather all the necessary knowledge...

The IBOC Handbook: Understanding HD Radio (TM) Technology

by David P. Maxson

Radio broadcast engineers seeking to design and operate HD Radio(TM) transmission systems will benefit from the detailed exposition of the technology. The book lays out the entire structure of this digital transmission...

An Introduction to Language and Society

by Martin Montgomery

An Introduction to Language and Society explores how our ways of seeing and engaging with the world may be shaped by the categories, systems and patterns of language. This second edition includes new material...

Gift of Tears: A Practical Approach to Loss and Bereavement in Counselling and Psychotherapy

by Susan Lendrum & Gabrielle Syme

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


by Tony Davies

Definitions of humanism have evolved throughout the centuries as the term has been adopted for a variety of purposes - literary, cultural and political - and reactions against humanism have contributed to...

Offenders, Deviants or Patients? Fourth Edition: Explorations in Clinical Criminology

by Herschel Prins

This book provides a practical approach to understanding both the social context and treatment of mentally disordered offenders. It addresses issues such as sex offending and homicide and will reflect recent...

Business Ethics: A Critical Approach: Integrating Ethics Across the Business World

by Patrick O'Sullivan, Mark Smith & Mark Esposito

A series of high-profile events in recent years have highlighted the growing need to cover ethical issues in international business and raise awareness of the responsibilities that need to be integrated into...

Satellite Newsgathering

by Jonathan Higgins

Praise for the first edition:

"It is a wonderful source of information and has the merit of going straight to the subject, being technically precise although very easy to understand. There are numerous pictures,...

Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction

by William G. Lycan

First Published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth-Century Representations

by Diane Purkiss

'Diane Purkiss ... insists on taking witches seriously. Her refusal to write witch-believers off as unenlightened has produced some richly intelligent meditations on their -- and our -- world.' - The Observer...

Understanding Philosophy of Science

by James Ladyman

A comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of science. Introduces the key topics, such as the scientific method, rationalism and empiricism, as well as more advanced topics such as realism and antirealism....