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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Emdr) Scripted Protocols: Special Populations

by Dr. Marilyn Luber


This excellent book contains many different scripts, applicable to a number of special populations. It takes a practical approach and walks therapists step-by-step through the EMDR therapeutic process. [Readers]...

Children of Incarcerated Parents: Theoretical Developmental and Clinical Issues

by Yvette R. Harris & James A. Graham

"This important book covers developmental outcomes of children in this predicament, parenting from prison, and family reunification. It is filled with research findings and addresses clinical issues as well....

Objects of Our Desire: Exploring Our Intimate Connections with the Things Around Us

by Salman Akhtar

What makes something sexy? Why are some things regarded as sacred and others profane? Why do mourners face such difficulty in parting with their beloved’s possessions? Why do we often feel distraught when...

Child Rights: The Movement, International Law, and Opposition

by Clark Butler

Over twenty years after the 1989 UN General Assembly vote to open the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) for signature and ratification by UN member states, the United States remains one of only two...

Deconstructing Penguins: Parents, Kids, and the Bond of Reading

by Nancy Goldstone & Lawrence Goldstone

“Books are like puzzles,” write Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. “The author’s ideas are hidden, and it is up to all of us to figure them out.” In this indispensable reading companion, the Goldstones–noted...

Death and the life beyond

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


‘Let the dead live in peace. Don’t cling to your family and friends, don’t let your sorrow at their depature hold them down and, above all, don’t try to communicate with them by calling them back....

The Silent Child: Communication without Words

by Jeanne Magagna

The Silent Child: Communication without Words describes a way of understanding and communicating with children who are not speaking, but rather using their bodies and somatic symptoms to express states of mind....

Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Concrete Experience

by Allan Frosch

The title of this book refers to a particular construction of the world that brooks no uncertainty: 'things are the way I believe them to be'. There is no other way! This can be a real boost to one's confidence...

The Historical and Philosophical Context of Rational Psychotherapy: The Legacy of Epictetus

by Windy Dryden & Arthur Still

This book brings together the papers written by the authors over the last fifteen years on the historical and philosophical foundations of Albert Ellis' Rational Psychotherapy (later Rational Emotive Behavior...

Psychoanalysis and Education: Minding a Gap

by Alan Bainbridge & Linden West

This book provides a unique and highly topical application of psychoanalytic theory to the broad context of education, including schools, universities, and adult learning. Education is understood as a crucial...

Teach Your Children Well

by Madeline Levine, PhD, Madeline Levine PhD & Madeline Levine

Psychologist Madeline Levine brings together cutting-edge research and thirty years of clinical experience to explode once and for all the myth that good grades, high test scores, and college acceptances should...

On Becoming an Artist: Reinventing Yourself Through Mindful Creativity

by Ellen J. Langer

“All it takes to become an artist is to start doing art.”

–from On Becoming an Artist

On Becoming an Artist is loaded with good news. Backed by her landmark scientific work on mindfulness and artistic nature,...

Golden Moments

by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Inspirational short passages on a variety of topics. Including: The Body-Mind Connection, Selfless Service, Self-Healing, The Path of Marriage, and Karma.

The African American Experience: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

by Salman Akhtar & Jan Wright

This book compiles the contributions of mental health professionals, and scholars of humanities, to offer a multifaceted perspective on the transgenerational trauma of slavery, the hardship of single parent...

The Hidden Lover: What Women Need to Know That Men Can't Tell Them

by William Ii July

The relationship coach returns, delivering straight talk on the bachelor mentality and how women can break through it.

In his popular work advising troubled couples and singles, William July II has uncovered...

Brooklyn Zoo: The Education of a Psychotherapist

by Darcy Lockman

A compelling memoir of a psychotherapist’s clinical and personal education amid chaos and dysfunction that delivers an emotional impact to rival Susan Sheehan’s classic Is There No Place on Earth for Me?...

Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies: Contemporary Approaches to Theory and Practice

by Jay L. L. Lebow

Praise for Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies

"Jay Lebow has done a masterful job in presenting a lucid overview of the leading theories of psychotherapy, strategies of change, and intervention techniques at...

Positive Psychology in Practice

by Stephen Joseph, P. Alex Alex Linley & Martin E. P. E. P. Seligman

A thorough and up-to-date guide to putting positive psychology into practice

From the Foreword: "This volume is the cutting edge of positive psychology and the emblem of its future."

-Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D.,...

Delivering Doctor Amelia: The Story of a Gifted Young Obstetrician's Error and the Psychologist Who Helped Her

by Dan Shapiro

“Voices are a soul’s signature,” says psychologist Dan Shapiro, who in his daily practice hears plenty of them. For all his expertise, he admits he’s still terrified that “someone will keep something...

101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens: Using Metaphors in Therapy

by George W. W. Burns

A comprehensive guide to understanding and using storytelling in therapy with kids and teens

"George Burns is a highly experienced clinician with the remarkable ability to create, discover, and tell engaging...