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Pediatric School Psychology: Conceptualization, Applications, and Strategies for Leadership Development

by Thomas J. Power & Kathy L. Bradley-Klug

In today's schools, it is imperative that school-based mental health professionals be adequately trained in the knowledge and impact of pediatric health disorders on children's academic, social, and emotional...

Philosophy Made Simple

by A. Stroll & R H Popkin

Philosophy Made Simple will be of particular interest to students beginning degree courses in philosophy and to those who are studying it as an ancillary subject within courses such as sociology, education,...

The Maternal Lineage: Identification, Desire and Transgenerational Issues

by Paola Mariotti

Why do women want to have children? How does one 'learn' to be a mother? Does having babies have anything to do with sex?

At a time when mothers are bombarded by prescriptive and contradicting advice on how...

Kenneth Burke: Rhetoric and Ideology

by Stephen Bygrave

Kenneth Burke: Rhetoric and Ideology is a lucid and accessible introduction to a major twentieth-century thinker those ideas have influenced fields as diverse as literary theory, philosophy, linguistics, politics...

Plato's Invisible Cities: Discourse and Power in the Republic

by Adi Ophir

This book offers an original and detailed reading of Plato's Republic, one of the most influential philosophical works in the emergence of Western philosophy.

The author discusses the Republic in terms of discursive...

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Philosophers

by Stuart Brown, Diane Collinson & Robert Wilkinson

This Biographical Dictionary provides detailed accounts of the lives, works, influence and reception of thinkers from all the major philosophical schools and traditions of the twentieth-century.

This unique...

Sentence Structure

by Nigel Fabb

Sentence Structure:

introduces the evidence for sentence structure and reveals its purpose
  • is based on a problem-solving approach to language
  • teaches the reader how to identify word classes, such as noun, preposition...

  • Heidegger and Ethics

    by Joanna Hodge

    Heidegger and ethics is a contentious conjunction of terms. Martin Heidegger himself rejected the notion of ethics, while his endorsement of Nazism is widely seen as unethical. This major new study examines...

    Jacques Derrida: Opening Lines

    by Dr Marian Hobson & Marian Hobson

    In Jacques Derrida: Opening Lines, Marian Hobson gives us a thorough and elegant analysis of this controversial and seminal contemporary thinker. Looking closely at the language and the construction of some...

    Studies in English Language and Literature: Doubt Wisely

    by M. J. Toswell & E. M. Tyler

    This collection of twenty-nine papers is in honour of E. G. Stanley, Rawlinson and Bosworth Emeritus Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford. Written...

    Free Speech

    by Alan Haworth

    Free Speech is a philosophical treatment of a topic which is of immense importance to all of us.

    Writing with great clarity, wit, and genuine concern, Alan Haworth situates the main arguments for free speech...

    Sandplay: Silent Workshop of the Psyche

    by Kay Bradway & Barbara McCoard

    Sandplay is a growing field of interest for Jungian and other psychotherapists. Sandplay - Silent Workshop of the Psyche by Kay Bradway and Barbara McCoard, provides an introduction to sandplay as well as extensive...

    Young People's Involvement in Sport

    by John Kremer, Shaun Ogle & Karen Trew

    Based on survey data derived from face-to-face interviews with 2,400 schoolchildren, 600 four-day diaries and focus groups with both elite performers, coaches and parents, the book offers a comprehensive overview...

    Philosophical Dimensions of Personal Construct Psychology

    by Bill Warren

    This book traces the philosophical history of Personal Construct Psychology through the broad and complex tradition of phenomenology and thinkers such as Spinoza, Hegel and Heidegger. The author also gives credit...

    From Soul to Self

    by James Crabbe

    From Soul to Self takes the reader on a fascinating journey through philosophy, theology, religious studies, and physiological sciences. Each of the essays, drawn from a number of different fields, focuses on...

    Philosophical Theories of Probability

    by Donald Gillies

    The Twentieth Century has seen a dramatic rise in the use of probability and statistics in almost all fields of research. This has stimulated many new philosophical ideas on probability.

    Philosophical Theories...

    Philosophy and Tragedy

    by Simon Sparks & Miguel de Beistegui

    From Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Poetics to Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy, the theme of tragedy has been subject to radically conflicting philosophical interpretations. Despite being at the heart of...

    A History of Irish Thought

    by Thomas Duddy

    The first complete introduction to the subject ever published, A History of Irish Thought presents an inclusive survey of Irish thought and the history of Irish ideas against the backdrop of current political...

    Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculty: Themes and Variations in Kants Moral and Religious Philosophy

    by A. W. Moore

    In this bold and innovative new work, Adrian Moore poses the question of whether it is possible for ethical thinking to be grounded in pure reason. In order to understand and answer this question, he takes a...

    Revealing Art

    by Matthew Kieran

    Why does art matter to us, and what makes it good? Why is the role of imagination so important in art? Illustrated with carefully chosen colour and black-and-white plates of examples from Michaelangelo to Matisse...