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by Don Herzog

Want to be cunning? You might wish you were more clever, more flexible, able to cut a few corners without getting caught, to dive now and again into iniquity and surface clutching a prize. You might want to...

The Dialectic of Essence: A Study of Plato's Metaphysics

by Allan Silverman

The Dialectic of Essence offers a systematic new account of Plato's metaphysics. Allan Silverman argues that the best way to make sense of the metaphysics as a whole is to examine carefully what Plato says...

In the Beginning Was the Deed: Realism and Moralism in Political Argument

by Bernard Williams & Geoffrey Hawthorn

Bernard Williams is remembered as one of the most brilliant and original philosophers of the past fifty years. Widely respected as a moral philosopher, Williams began to write about politics in a sustained way...

The Reasons of Love

by Harry G. Frankfurt

This beautifully written book by one of the world's leading moral philosophers argues that the key to a fulfilled life is to pursue wholeheartedly what one cares about, that love is the most authoritative form...

Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century, Volume 1: The Dawn of Analysis

by Scott Soames

This is a major, wide-ranging history of analytic philosophy since 1900, told by one of the tradition's leading contemporary figures. The first volume takes the story from 1900 to mid-century. The second brings...

Goodness and Advice

by Judith Jarvis Thomson, Amy Gutmann & Philip Fisher

How should we live? What do we owe to other people? In Goodness and Advice, the eminent philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson explores how we should go about answering such fundamental questions. In doing so, she...

Descartes's Method of Doubt

by Janet Broughton

Descartes thought that we could achieve absolute certainty by starting with radical doubt. He adopts this strategy in the Meditations on First Philosophy, where he raises sweeping doubts with the famous dream...

Harmful Thoughts: Essays on Law, Self, and Morality

by Meir Dan-Cohen

In these writings by one of our most creative legal philosophers, Meir Dan-Cohen explores the nature of the self and its response to legal commands and mounts a challenge to some prevailing tenets of legal theory...

Wittgenstein on the Arbitrariness of Grammar

by Michael N. Forster

What is the nature of a conceptual scheme? Are there alternative conceptual schemes? If so, are some more justifiable or correct than others? The later Wittgenstein already addresses these fundamental philosophical...

Politics and Vision: Continuity and Innovation in Western Political Thought (Expanded Edition)

by Sheldon S. Wolin

This is a significantly expanded edition of one of the greatest works of modern political theory. Sheldon Wolin's Politics and Vision inspired and instructed two generations of political theorists after its...

On Bullshit

by Harry G. Frankfurt

One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this. Each of us contributes his share. But we tend to take the situation for granted. Most people are rather...

Double Vision: Moral Philosophy and Shakespearean Drama

by Tzachi Zamir

Hamlet tells Horatio that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy. In Double Vision, philosopher and literary critic Tzachi Zamir argues that there are more things in Hamlet...

Out of Eden: Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil

by Paul W. Kahn

In Out of Eden, Paul W. Kahn offers a philosophical meditation on the problem of evil. He uses the Genesis story of the Fall as the starting point for a profound articulation of the human condition. Kahn shows...

Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline

by Bernard Williams & A. W. Moore

What can--and what can't--philosophy do? What are its ethical risks--and its possible rewards? How does it differ from science? In Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline, Bernard Williams addresses these questions...

True Faith and Allegiance: Immigration and American Civic Nationalism

by Noah Pickus

True Faith and Allegiance is a provocative account of nationalism and the politics of turning immigrants into citizens and Americans. Noah Pickus offers an alternative to the wild swings between emotionally...

Philosophical Myths of the Fall

by Stephen Mulhall

Did post-Enlightenment philosophers reject the idea of original sin and hence the view that life is a quest for redemption from it? In Philosophical Myths of the Fall, Stephen Mulhall identifies and evaluates...

Enigmas of Identity

by Peter Brooks

"We know that it matters crucially to be able to say who we are, why we are here, and where we are going," Peter Brooks writes in Enigmas of Identity. Many of us are also uncomfortably aware that we cannot provide...

Self-Deception Unmasked

by Alfred R. Mele

Self-deception raises complex questions about the nature of belief and the structure of the human mind. In this book, Alfred Mele addresses four of the most critical of these questions: What is it to deceive...

Saving God: Religion after Idolatry

by Mark Johnston

In this book, Mark Johnston argues that God needs to be saved not only from the distortions of the "undergraduate atheists" (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris) but, more importantly, from...

Multiculturalism (Expanded paperback edition)

by Charles Taylor, Amy Gutmann & Kwame Anthony Appiah

A new edition of the highly acclaimed book Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition," this paperback brings together an even wider range of leading philosophers and social scientists to probe the political...