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Challenges to Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Angela Foster & Josephine Klein

The first title in the Practice of Psychotherapy Series that explores the limits of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Each of the five chapters in this book takes up an aspect of this challenge. In an open and enquiring...

You and Your Toddler

by Jenny Stoker

A central theme of this book is the gradual process of separation between parents and toddlers and the growth of autonomy in them all. Jenny Stoker has written with clarity, sympathy and warmth about the multiple...

Infant Observation at the Heart of Training

by Janine Sternberg

The study of infant observation is widely used as part of training to become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist; the skills learned through infant observation can be widely applied to practicing analysis with...

Introduction to Social Dreaming: Transforming Thinking

by W. Gordon Lawrence

This preliminary text explores the phenomenon of social dreaming, a concept first introduced at the Tavistock Institute in 1982. The focus is on the dream and the social context of the dreamers rather than the...

The Vale of Soulmaking: The Post-Kleinian Model of the Mind

by Meg Harris Williams

Poets have always seen themselves as inspired by their Muse. In this book this is taken literally, not just metaphorically, to be a faithful description of an internal identification with a teaching object or...

The Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique

by R. Horacio Etchegoyen

A revised and updated edition of this recent classic, including new material on insight and early development, amongst others. Within each subject, the author presents the theories and observations of each major...

Unmasking Race, Culture, and Attachment in the Psychoanalytic Space

by Kate White

Drawn from the John Bowlby Memorial Conference, the theme of this book addresses the often hidden and ignored subject of attachment, race and culture. Can our individual narratives in relation to race, culture...

The Herald Dream: An Approach to the Initial Dream in Psychotherapy

by Richard Kradin

This monograph focuses on a systemic approach to dream interpretation and the unique importance of the initial dream. The first dream reported in a psychoanalytic therapy session poignantly encapsulates the...

Violent Adolescents: Understanding the Destructive Impulse

by Lynn Greenwood

This volume looks at the reasons behind adolescent violence and the possible solutions for handling the violent adolescent. The contributors are all experienced practitioners and draw from their extensive experience...

The Systems Psychodynamics of Organizations: Integrating the Group Relations Approach, Psychoanalytic, and Open Systems Perspectives

by Laurence J. Gould, Lionel F. Stapley & Mark Stein

This authoritative source book on the learning and creative application of the systems psychodynamic perspective defines the field, presenting the key concepts, models, and social methodologies that derive from...

Loving Psychoanalysis: Looking at Culture with Freud and Lacan

by Ruth Golan

Psychoanalysis was neither a product of philosophy nor of academic study. Rather, psychoanalysis was born in the clinic. Freud took his lead from hysterical women; the accounts of their pain, anxieties and physical...

Difference: An Avoided Topic in Practice

by Bernardine Bishop, Adrian Dickinson & Angela Foster

Difference is a complex and often disturbing issue. The purpose of this book is to encourage a culture of open enquiry into an emotionally charged subject which, the editors argue, has been largely avoided by...

Training and Training Standards: Psychological Therapies in Primary Care

by Douglas Hooper & Philippa Weitz

The surge of interest in psychological therapies in GP settings makes this book timely and important for the development of this field in the 21st century. As well as the suggested syllabus for training counsellors...

Fear of Jung: The Complex Doctrine and Emotional Science

by Theo A. Cope

This work is an empirical exploration and considers the value for the psychology of emotions by utilizing Jung's contributions to a psychological understanding of emotional experience. This work also considers...

Sibling Relationships

by Prophecy Coles

An exciting collection of papers that explore the impact of sibling relationships on such diverse topics as siblings across the generations, sex and violence in siblings, twins, siblings in couple therapy and...

Understanding the Self-Ego Relationship in Clinical Practice: Towards Individuation

by Margaret Clark

The author argues for the profound importance of trusting the unconscious psyche in therapeutic work with adults. She considers various analytical meanings of the term "the self", with reference to a wide range...

Feeling Matters

by Michael Eigen

As long as feelings are second-class citizens, people will be second class citizens. Experience is an endangered species. An important function of psychotherapy is to make time for experiencing. Psychic taste...

Taking Positions in the Organization

by David Campbell & Marianne Groenbaek

This volume provides a positive and productive model for helping people to move out of static positions or difficult relationships in the workplace. Informed by systemic thinking and social constructionism,...

Dual Realities: The Search for Meaning: Psychodynamic Therapy with Physically Ill People

by Ruth Archer

Little has been written about psychotherapy with the seriously physically ill and this book seeks to remedy that. The title "Dual Realities" refers to the inner reality of the individuals internal world and...

Motherhood in the Twenty-First Century

by Alcira Mariam Alizade

This book takes a fresh look at women in their maternal role. In the 21st century, with its frenzy and heterogeneity, where the mixture of modernity and post-modernity is not without danger, motherhood cannot...