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Missing in Precinct Puerto Rico

Luis Gonzalo #4

by Steven Torres

Angustias, Puerto Rico, 1982

Even a tropical paradise can have its little murders...

In the early morning hours, a neighbor named Tomas Villareal knocks on the door of the home of Luis Gonzalo, the sheriff of...

When the Dead Cry Out

by Hilary Bonner

From a former Fleet Street journalist and an accomplished British suspense writer comes a complex puzzle wrapped in a plot that could almost be ripped from contemporary U.S. headlines. Imagine what would happen...

Coffin Knows the Answer

by Gwendoline Butler

With his wife, the acclaimed actress Stella Pinero, away on a movie shoot in Scotland, Chief Commander John Coffin is at a bit of a loose end with just the cat and dog for company. But one morning, as he checks...

Dread Murder

Major Mearns and Sergeant Denny #2

by Gwendoline Butler

In the court of King George IV, Major Mearns---an old dog of war and veteran of Willington's army---is the guardian of Windsor Castle. Some would call him a spy; he calls himself a "watcher." Working with his...

Escape Artist

by Mark Sullivan

"A compelling, page-turning blend of spy and caper fiction: it's Robin Hood for the twenty-first century." -Jeff Abbott

Mark Sullivan, the co-author of James Patterson's Private Games, has, in Robin Monarch,...

The Art of Rendition

by Mark Sullivan

"With Robin Monarch, Mark Sullivan has created a Jason Bourne for the new millennium" --James Rollins

Mark Sullivan, the co-author of James Patterson's Private Games, has, in Robin Monarch, created a compelling...

There Lies a Hidden Scorpion

Nick Lambros #3

by Takis Iakovou & Judy Iakovou

When Nick and Julia Lambros hang the "Closed for Vacation" sign on their Delphi, Georgia, restaurant, what they've planned is a joyful trip to Tarpon Springs, Florida, for the wedding of Nick's godchild Kate...


John Caine #4

by Charles Knief

In previous accounts, Charles Knief's hero, John Caine, seemed indestructible. But in this fourth adventure of the man whom the Boston Globe described as the heir apparent to Travis McGee, we find that even...


by Brendan Dubois

For years UN peacekeepers have been deployed to war-torn regions of the world from Rwanda to Serbia and Congo to East Timor.

Now it’s America’s turn.

Samuel Simpson is a young, idealistic journalist from Canada....


Castlemere Mysteries #3

by Jo Bannister

No one seems to care too much about a sixteen-year-old prostitute known as Charisma--until she is found floating by the docks with her throat slashed.  Inspector Liz Graham, new to Castlemere and interrupted...

Sleight of Hand

Dr. Jo Banks #3

by Robin Hathaway

Dr. Jo Banks is well settled in her rather unusual life as one of the few doctors in the New Jersey fields, her office in a motor inn run by a pair of friendly, elderly Jersey-ites.  But New York City is where...


Castlemere Mysteries #7

by Jo Bannister

The town of Castlemere is under siege. Someone is making very dangerous-and convincing-threats to destroy the city if it doesn't come up with a ransom of one million pounds. Now time is Castlemere's enemy-it...

Gagged & Bound

Trish Maguire #7

by Natasha Cooper

Barrister Trish Maguire tackles a thirty-year-old terrorism case when distinguished biographer, Beatrice Bowman, hires her to fight a libel claim by a new ennobled member of the House of Lords who says she misidentified...

The Demon of the Air

Aztec Murder Mystery #1

by Simon Levack

 “Hooked me in five pages. The main character is fascinatingly complex and unusual.”

---Conn Iggulden, author of The Field of Swords


Mexico, 1517.

Emperor Montezuma rules the known world. Daily canoes and...

Out of the Dark

Trish Maguire #4

by Natasha Cooper

An eight-year-old boy comes running out of the dark to find barrister Trish Maguire one wet Sunday night. Just before he can reach her, he's knocked over by a skidding car. Fighting to save his life, the rescue...

A Place of Safety

Trish Maguire #5

by Natasha Cooper

Barrister Trish Maguire needs all the time she can find to help her young half-brother adjust to life after the violent death of his mother. Sir Henry Buxford, an influential acquaintance, has other ideas. He...

The Nightgown

by Brad Parks

Shamus and Nero award-winning author Brad Parks takes readers back to the beginning of investigative reporter Carter Ross's career with this intriguing prequel short story.

Only 24 years old and still a wide-eyed...


by Mark Sullivan

"Diabolical! Filled with twists, turns, crosses and double-crosses, Sullivan delivers a harrowing international thriller" --Lisa Gardner

Robin Monarch is a man with a complicated, secret past and a very grim...

True Witness

Brodie Farrell #2

by Jo Bannister

A teenage boy is beaten to death on Dimmock's derelict pier. Detective Jack Deacon is convinced they have the murderer; he just needs a positive identification to lock him up for good. But the only witness is...

Echoes of Lies

Brodie Farrell #1

by Jo Bannister

Brodie Farrell finds things for a living, and when she's asked to locate the whereabouts of Daniel Hood, she sees nothing suspicious in the request. She finds the young man, passes the details on to her client,...