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Uniform Dolls

by Aishling Morgan

This is a story straight from the heart of a lifelong uniform fetishist and conveys the sensual delight to be had from wearing uniforms and enjoying others in uniform. Whether it is the smartness and authority...

Tiger, Tiger

by Aishling Morgan

This novel is populated by strange half-human creatures like Tian-Sha, the tigranthrope, a beautiful blend of girl and tiger.

In this bizarre fantasy world a complex plot of erotic intrigue is played out against...


by Aishling Morgan

Truscott faces the prospect of living on his brother's charity. His efforts to make his fortune lead him along a path of debauchery and perversion, from stripping girls in a brothel to indulging three at once...

Satan's Slut

by Aishling Morgan

Someone has been performing the Black Mass in an old, abandoned chapel at Stanton Rocks. The local priest, Tom Pridough, is convinced it was Nick Mordaunt, local high-profile pagan, and his friend, the stunning...

Whipping Girl

by Aishling Morgan

The devotees at the convent of St.Quay are subject to a harsh regime of corporal punishment and humiliation. For Lalage Vergelesses, the torment is double, for she is a whipping girl, assigned to take the punishments...

The Old Perversity Shop

by Aishling Morgan

A shiver passed through her body as she thought of what favours she might offer, and how she could hint at what she desired, yet still feign reluctance and into the most delightfully improper acts. She knew...

Tempting The Goddess

by Aishling Morgan

Tempting the Goddess follows Nich Mordaunt's elaborate schemes to replace the Pagan leader Ariesian's bland and commercail festivals with ones of his own invention, featuring the deflowering of virgins, together...

Sin's Apprentice

by Aishling Morgan

Poor young Ysette is an orphan. Having been raised in a strict and cloistered nunnery, she is sent out to have her obliging nature taken advantage of again and again. First she is to learn the bizarre sexual...

Demonic Congress

by Aishling Morgan

Eighteenth-century Devon. Old Noah Pargade is a wealthy yet curmudgeonly miser who marries the nubile and game Alice Eden. As anxious to avoid sharing his wife as he is his wealth, he makes sure she is enmured...

Deep Blue

by Aishling Morgan

Strange things are happening in the sleepy Devon spa town of Tawmouth, where women are having increasingly bizarre dreams. Are they the product of unfulfilled sexual yearnings, or do they herald the return of...

The Rake

by Aishling Morgan

Henry Truscott is a dissipated rake even by the standards of the late eighteenth century. When the beautiful Eloise catches his eye, he expects either to be thrashed by her footmen and dumped in a ditch or to...

Velvet Skin

by Aishling Morgan

Henry Truscott, hero of The Rake and Purity, returns in Velvet Skin to continue his habits of indulgence and dissipation.

There are ample opportunities in eighteenth-century Devon for an imaginitive aristocrat...

Strip Girl

by Aishling Morgan

Shy, self-conscious Sarah is all too used to attracting male attention because of her ample bust and well-formed bottom, despite never really knowing what to do with it. Offered her dream job as a cartoonist,...

Scarlet Vice

by Aishling Morgan

Beautiful, voluptuous and supposedly innocent, K'Tai is also too headstrong for her own good. Obliged to flee her village in a hurry in order to avoid the application of a switch to her curvaceous bottom, she...

Beastly Behaviour

by Aishling Morgan

Genevieve Stukely is working as an erotic dancer in the American west when she learns that her uncle is dead and that she is to inherit the family estate on the borders of Dartmoor. Only when she returns to...

Most Buxom

by Aishling Morgan

One thing rules Daniel's life: voyeurism. A desire far too strong to be denied, despite all the guilt it brings him. He knows the risks and is determined to give up his filthy habits. But when he finds himself...

The Maiden Saga: Role Playing Game Support Pack

by Aishling Morgan


The Support Pack is an advantageous adjunct for the Maiden Saga Role Playing Game. It contains character sheets for both player and non-player characters, as well as quick reference tables for everything...

How To Be Bad: 101 Naughty Suggestions

by Aishling Morgan

"How to be Bad" includes 101 sexy scenes, from the romantic to the bizarre, from the inventive to the downright kinky.

Spankers Justice: A Collection of Five Erotic Stories

by Aishling Morgan, Laurel Aspen & Landon Dixon

A thrilling collection of five varied erotic spanking stories