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Grub E. Dog

by Al Newman & Jim Doody

Grub E. Dog is very messy. He won't brush his teeth or comb his hair, and his room is filthy. Even his friends start to notice that he's stinky. Show young children and Grub E. Dog the importance of personal...

Fraid E. Cat

by Al Newman

Giggle E. Goose doesn't know when to be quiet. She giggles in class, she giggles in the library, she even giggles and talks during the movies! Giggle E. Goose needs to be more considerate of others, and the...

Fibber E. Frog

by Al Newman

Fibber E. Frog's lack of self-confidence leads him to tell tall tales to make himself feel better. No one takes him seriously anymore because he tells so many fibs. When you teach Fibber E. Frog to be happy...