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Sheikh's Ransom

by Alexandra Sellers


When his country's priceless heirloom jewel is stolen, darkly aristocratic Prince Karim vows to recover it—by kidnapping socialite Caroline Langley. In disguise, he lures her to his palace....

Sheikh's Betrayal

by Alexandra Sellers

What had brought Desiree Drummond to his desert land? Sheikh Salah Al Khouri knew the celebrated beauty must have an ulterior motive...hadn't she always? He'd let her slip from his grasp once, but he wouldn't...

Undercover Sultan

by Alexandra Sellers

Sheikh Haroun al Muntazir was honor-bound to recover a priceless family jewel...but what was lovely operative Mariel de Vouvray's mission? Until her motives were made plain, he had to keep her close—yet at...

The Sultan's Heir

by Alexandra Sellers

Sheikh Najib blasted into Rosalind Lewis's life and staked a sultan's claim on her son! Her denial of the boy's royal lineage was met with deaf ears—and relentless kisses. When danger threatened, mother and...

Her Royal Protector (a Johari Crown Novel)

by Alexandra Sellers

Research scientist Aly Percy has never been known for her looks, but she is passionate about saving wildlife. In fact, she'll do anything for her current project ­ even if it means spending time alone with...

Sleeping with the Sultan

by Alexandra Sellers

Sheikh Ashraf possessed the fortitude of a hundred sultans—still, he was mightily tempted by the seductive allure of the mysterious and ravishing Dana Morningstar. Never had a woman unravelled his restraint...

The Playboy Sheikh

by Alexandra Sellers

"You're mine and no other man's." —Jafar al Hamzeh, Royal Advisor Extraordinaire

Savoring the look on his ex-lover's face, he swept her astride his regal steed, then raced toward his desert domain. Once, he'd...

Born Royal

by Alexandra Sellers

"Princess Julia will bend to my will!" —Sheik Rashid Kamal, Crown Prince

All of Tamir celebrated Sheik Rashid Kamal's heroic homecoming, but he would not rest until Princess Julia Sebastiani accepted his hand...

Sheiks of Summer

by Susan Mallery, Alexandra Sellers & Fiona Brand

"The Sheik's Virgin" by Susan Mallery

He was the brazen stranger who had made it his mission to chaperone innocent, beautiful Phoebe Carson around his native land. But what would Phoebe do when she discovered...

Dearest Enemy

by Alexandra Sellers

Prime Suspect…

Private Detective Elain Owen's latest assignment was driving her crazy! As she tried to solve the mystery, her list of suspects was getting longer—and kookier—by the second. How could she build...

Wife On Demand

by Alexandra Sellers


They'd come together in a whirlwind of passion, with little time for words of love. Now Jude Daniels was on trial for a crime that could destroy his career. He'd relied on Hope Thompson...

Nice Girl Like You

by Alexandra Sellers

Desperate mother seeks…

Samara Diamond thought she'd seen it all— until she read that personal ad. Now she just had to find out what desperate mothers were seeking these days….

A nice girl…to play decoy in...


by Alexandra Sellers

The secret she kept…


Calla was first and foremost a mother. So when the child she loved formed a bond with the enigmatic and exciting Josh Wrangler, her every instinct told her to be afraid....

Shotgun Wedding

by Alexandra Sellers

Congratulations—You're having a (millionaire) baby!

Carlee Miller didn't care that her baby was bound to inherit millions, she only wanted a child to love. But after a mix-up at the sperm bank, she suddenly...

Not Without a Wife!

by Alexandra Sellers

A funny thing happened on the way home from the wedding….

Pawnee Walker was desperately seeking a husband. And, as luck would have it, handsome Ezra Jagger couldn't land his dream job without a wife. But the...

Bride of the Sheikh

by Alexandra Sellers

Kidnapped by her husband!


One moment Alinor Brooke was walking down the aisle, the next she was being swept into the arms of a handsome sheikh. As Crown Prince Kavian Durran carried her off to his...

Occupation: Millionaire

by Alexandra Sellers


Tallia Venables had landed herself a millionaire. Sexy Brad Slinger had all the essentials for a well-heeled happily-ever-after. But Tallia wasn't looking for a husband; what the pretty...

Beloved Sheikh

by Alexandra Sellers


Sheikh Rafi could have a harem of women…but he wanted bewitching Zara Blake. And just as the prince was about to steal that first, sizzling kiss from Zara, she was stolen from him—abducted...

Solitary Sheikh

by Alexandra Sellers


Prince Omar's heart was as barren as the desert—until beguiling Jana Stewart, his daughters' tutor, tempted the widower's weary soul like an oasis. Though the powerful prince desperately...

Sheikh's Honor

by Alexandra Sellers

Prince Jalal travels to Ontario cottage country and meets the younger sister of Princess Zara.

Sheikh Jalal had been his family's darkest secret...but finally he was recognized as prince and heir. Now he would...