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Life in Tudor Palaces and Houses

by Alison Sim

Our nation is a treasury of outstanding palaces and fine merchant houses from this rich period in our past. Here we uncover what these remarkable buildings can tell us about Tudor lives and times: what life...

Food and Feast in Tudor England

by Alison Sim

A readable overview of Tudor food and eating habits.


Popular representations of the Tudors at the table have caricatured them as loud, gross and lacking any manners. This is actually far from the case, as...

Masters and Servants in Tudor England

by Alison Sim

Although life in Tudor England was ordered in a strict hierarchy and the divisions between social classes were firmly maintained, a life of service was common for all classes, and servants were not necessarily...

Pleasures and Pastimes in Tudor England

by Alison Sim

How did the Tudors enjoy themselves? For the men and women of Tudor England there was, just as there is today, more to life than work. 400 years before the invention of television and radio, they did not lead...

The Tudor Housewife

by Alison Sim

The political and military history of the sixteenth century is well known, and much written about, but what of the thousands of women who have, for the most part, eluded the historian's pen? The Tudor Housewife...