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The Classic American Short Story Megapack (Volume 1): 34 of the Greatest Stories Ever Written

by Ambrose Bierce, Stephen Crane & Mark Twain

The Classic American Short Story Megapack (Volume 1) assembles 34 of the greatest stories ever written by American authors -- including Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Ambrose...

The Devil's Dictionary

by Ambrose Bierce

Dive into a masterpiece of American satirical writing. The Devil's Dictionary, compiled by famed American journalist and fiction writer Ambrose Bierce, offers readers a compendium of words and phrases with dictionary-style...

The Military Megapack: 25 Great Tales of War

by Stephen Crane, Ambrose Bierce & Rudyard Kipling

Hours of great reading await, with tales of war and military adventure by some of the greatest writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Ranging from classics of the Civil War to the World Wars to the future of...

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

by Ambrose Bierce

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians is a collection of short stories written by Ambrose Bierce. Published in 1891, the 26 stories detail the lives of soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. His famous...

The Devil's Dictionary

by Ambrose Bierce

The Devil's Dictionary is a satirical reference book written by Ambrose Bierce. The book offers reinterpretations of terms in the English language, lampooning cant, and political doublespeak, as well as other...

A Watcher by the Dead

by Ambrose Bierce

In San Francisco, three physicians discuss man’s hereditary, and superstitious, fear of the dead. Dr. Mancher wonders if it is, indeed, universal. Dr. Helberson says it is; it is all a matter of circumstance....

Oil of Dog

by Ambrose Bierce

A young man works for his father at his dog-oil business whilst simultaneously helping his mother with her work as well. But when his duties for each of his parents overlap one day, the consequences are terrible...

The Eyes of the Panther

by Ambrose Bierce

When Irene Marlowe refuses a marriage proposal from the man she loves, he demands she tell him her reasons why. Irene indulges him by telling the tale of her tragic family history, speaking of the glowing eyes...

The Damned Thing

by Ambrose Bierce

William Harker is the only witness to the death of his friend, Hugh Morgan. Morgan’s body suggests that he has died traumatically, but when Harker tries to explain what he saw of his friend’s last moments,...

A Horseman in the Sky

by Ambrose Bierce

On a warm afternoon in the fall of 1861 Carter Druse is on picket duty on top of a cliff overlooking a valley where five regiments of the Union army are resting. The enemy is near, and the Union force means...

A Cargo of Cat

by Ambrose Bierce

After his ship springs a leak during a voyage, a sailor details the amusingly bizarre dangers that one can face when transporting a cargo of cats across the open seas. This light-hearted short story by Ambrose...

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

by Ambrose Bierce

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge opens with the story's hero, Peyton Farquhar, hanging bound from a bridge, awaiting hanging. Farquhar is a Confederate sympathizer in the American Civil War and has been brought...

The Fiend's Delight

by Ambrose Bierce

Known for his biting wit, American author and satirist Ambrose Bierce got his start in the literary world by publishing essays and articles in California-based periodicals. The Fiend's Delight brings together...

Black Beetles in Amber

by Ambrose Bierce

Though he is today best remembered for his acerbic satire, American writer Ambrose Bierce had a surprisingly broad range as a writer. Black Beetles in Amber is a collection of Bierce's poetry, which ranges from...

A Cynic Looks at Life

by Ambrose Bierce & E. Haldeman-Julius

Misanthropes, grumps, and the hopelessly jaded will relish every ruthlessly witty word of Ambrose Bierce's essay collection A Cynic Looks at Life. Bierce unleashes his jaundiced eye and incisive insight on a...

Write It Right: A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults

by Ambrose Bierce

American satirist and critic Ambrose Bierce may be best remembered for his caustic wit, but he was also a first-rate prose stylist who put a lot of effort into shaping the next generation of journalists and...

Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories

by Ambrose Bierce

Some of the best of ghost stories from Ambrose Bierce, including: Present at a hanging, A cold greeting, A Wireless Message, An Arrest, A Man with Two Lives, The Isle of Pines, A Vine on a House, The Spook House,...

Write It Right: A little blacklist of literary faults

by Ambrose Bierce

The author's main purpose in this book is to teach precision in writing; and of good writing (which, essentially, is clear thinking made visible) precision is the point of capital concern. It is attained by...

The Cynic's Dictionary

by Ambrose Bierce

The Cynic's Dictionary is an indispensable resource offering satirical reinterpretations of terms in the English language, covering every aspect of human foolishness and frailty. A conspicuous, and it is hoped...

Fantastic Fables

by Ambrose Bierce

With his characteristic blend of sarcasm and satire, "the American Swift" presents 245 fables that rival Aesop and La Fontaine in their mordant wit and keen insights into human nature.