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Petalwink Learns To Fly

by Angela Sage Larsen

In this delightful and heart-warming tale of adventure, persistence, hope and self-discovery, Petalwink the Fairy is aided by her well-meaning forest friends as she struggles to learn to fly. Harry Bass, Francis...

Presents from Petalwink

by Angela Sage Larsen

In Petalwink's fourth book, the day-long Annual Forest Fairy Fest celebration is just under way. When Petalwink discovers that all her expensive gifts have gone missing, she excludes herself from the fun of...

Petalwink Comes In Second

by Angela Sage Larsen

In her second book, Petalwink joins every contest in Newman Forest, but keeps coming in second place. When Belfry the elf steals away her friends -the winners- and all their prizes, only Petalwink is left to...

Petalwink Takes a Bow

by Angela Sage Larsen

In her sixth book, Petalwink Takes a Bow, Petalwink is just as surprised as anyone to be cast as the lead in the Newman Forest Fairy Musical Extravaganza. Petalwink becomes an unbearable diva, more interested...

Petalwink Makes A Friend

by Angela Sage Larsen

In Petalwink's third book, Petalwink comes across a lost human girl named Lucy Lynn who has wandered into Newman Forest. Instead of helping Lucy find her way home, Petalwink sees the opportunity for making a...

Petalwink Makes Peace

by Angela Sage Larsen

In her seventh book, Petalwink Makes Peace, the forest is fed up with Belfry Elf's annoying antics. When Petalwink takes on the role of hero to put Belfry in his place, she learns that when peace begins with...