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Raiders Invisible

by Anthony Gilmore

Alone and unaided, Pilot Travers copes with the invisible foes who have struck down America's great engine of war. Excerpt The war game around the Canal was planned for more than practice, however. The eyes...

Passing of Ku Sui

by Anthony Gilmore

A vibrant drama which ranged clear from Saturn to Earth, the core of which was the feud between Captain Carse and the power-lusting Eurasian scientist, Dr. Ku Sui.

Four Miles Within

by Anthony Gilmore

Far down into the earth goes a gleaming metal sphere whose passengers are deadly enemies.

The Bluff of the Hawk

by Anthony Gilmore

""A trick? Carse was famed for them. A trap? But how?"" Excerpt Had not old John Sewell, the historian, recognized Hawk Carse for what he was--a creator of new space-frontiers, pioneer of vast territories for...

Hawk Carse

by Anthony Gilmore

One of the spectacular exploits of Hawk Carse, greatest of space adventurers. Excerpt Hawk Carse came to the frontiers of space when Saturn was the frontier planet, which was years before the swift Patrol ships...

The Tentacles From Below

by Anthony Gilmore

Down to tremendous ocean depths goes Commander Keith Wells in his blind duel with marauding "machine-fish"

The Midget From the Island

by Anthony Gilmore

Garth Howard, prey to half the animals of the forest, fights valiantly to regain his lost five feet of size.

Affair of the Brains

by Anthony Gilmore

The one great feud that shook whole worlds in its final terrible settling--the feud of Hawk Carse and Dr. Ku Sui. Excerpt Though it is seldom nowadays that Earthmen hear mention of Hawk Carse, there are still...

Hawk Carse in Space

by Anthony Gilmore

Tales of Hawk Carse one of the greatest of space adventurers. Includes the following stories: Hawk Carse Affair of the Brains The Bluff of the Hawk The Passing of Ku Sui Excerpt Hawk Carse came to the frontiers...