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The Winthrop Woman

by Anya Seton

Anya Seton's follow-up to Katherine is the story of Elizabeth Winthrop, a real historical figure who married into the family of Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and moved to the wild New...


by Anya Seton

Prince Rumon of France, descendant of Charlemagne and King Alfred, was a searcher. He had visions of the Islands of the Blessed, perhaps King Arthur’s Avalon “where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow.”...

Devil Water: A Novel

by Anya Seton

This fiercely beautiful novel tells the true story of Charles Radcliff, a Catholic nobleman who joined the short-lived Jacobite rebellion of 1715, and of Jenny, his daughter by a secret marriage.

Green Darkness

by Anya Seton

“The theme of this book is reincarnation, an attempt to show the interplay—the law of cause and effect, good and evil, among certain individual souls in two periods of English history.” Green Darkness...


by Anya Seton

A New York socialite finds herself out of her element when she accompanies her new husband to Arizona, where he is overseeing a mining project in the desert.

The Turquoise

by Anya Seton

First published in 1946, The Turquoise was the great historical novelist Anya Seton’s third novel. It is the story of a beautiful, gifted woman who leaves the magic mountains of her native New Mexico for the...


by Anya Seton

In the spring of 1844 the Wells family receives a letter from a distant relative, the wealthy landowner Nicholas Van Ryn. He has invited one of their daughters for an extended visit at his Hudson Valley estate...

My Theodosia

by Anya Seton

THEODOSIA BURR was borne on the full tide of history. Her short life has all the drama, all the necessary elements of a great historical novel.Under Anya Seton's guidance, we see Aaron Burr, her father, sitting...


by Anya Seton

 “An inspiration and the benchmark by which I judge historical novels.” - Alison Weir Katherine is an epic novel of the love affair that changed history—that of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke...

The Hearth and Eagle

by Anya Seton

This is the story of a town, of a home, of a girl. It is the story of Marblehead Massachusetts from its earliest settlement, of a family who settled and stayed there, and of a girl named Hesper Honeywood whose...