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King's Evil

by Avram Davidson

Avram Davidson (April 23, 1923 – May 8, 1993) was an American writer of fantasy fiction, science fiction, and crime fiction, as well as the author of many stories that do not fit into a genre niche. He won...

Adventures in Unhistory

by Avram Davidson

* Where did Sinbad Sail?

* Who Fired the Phoenix?

* The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

* The Great Rough Beast

* Postscript on Prester John

* The Secret of Hyperborea

* What Gave All Those Mammoths Cold Feet?

And many more--fictional?...

The Avram Davidson Treasury

by Avram Davidson, Robert Silverberg, Grania Davis & Harlan Ellison et al.

Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century. He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines. They are wonderful.


The Other Nineteenth Century

by Avram Davidson

A New Collection of Long Out-of-Print Stories From One of the Greatest Fantasists of the Twentieth Century

Avram Davidson, who died in 1993, was widely regarded as one of the most outstanding authors of short...

The Kar-Chee Reign

by Avram Davidson

Earth is flat, empty, weary, and bare.

Her children, too, had left her, all but a few who lived peacefully off the land. And then came the Kar-Chee, to crack Earth open and suck out what remained of her richness,...

Ursus of Ultima Thule

by Avram Davidson

The Bear

Swarthy, hairy, ostracized by others of his tribe, Arnten set off to lead a life of proud an lonely independence in his primitive world of Thule—Ultima Thule—where med huddled in animal skins against...

The Scarlet Fig: Or, Slowly Through a Land of Stone, Book Three of the Vergil Magus Series

by Avram Davidson

The Last Manuscript of a Master

It began with an accident, as if Fate had a plan for Vergil Magus . . .

After his trials in the Very Rich City of Averno but before his crowning achievement of a certain magic...

Clash of Star-Kings

by Avram Davidson

On a mountaintop in Mexico, ancient galactic enemies meet!

On one side, the Great Old Ones, who had benevolently ruled the land in the days of the Toltecs, before the coming of the cruel Aztecs.

On the other...

The Phoenix and the Mirror: Book One of the Vergil Magus Series

by Avram Davidson

A Landmark Fantasy Adventure

Inspired by the legends of the Dark Ages, The Phoenix and the Mirror is the story of the mighty Vergil—not quit the Vergil of our history books (the poet who penned The Aeneid),...

Rogue Dragon: The Sequel to The Kar-Chee Reign

by Avram Davidson

Prime World: Home of the Universe's Most Elite Dragon Hunt

Generations after Liam and his tribe defend Britland from the Devils that threatened Earth, new danger stalks on her forests and rebuilt cities.


Vergil in Averno: Book Two of the Vergil Magus Series

by Avram Davidson

He was a Master in Arts Magical, but not yet Incantor et Magus

Now Vergil Magus, the powerful sorcerer-poet, returns in the long-awaited prequel to Avram Davidson's bestselling novel of fable and magic, The...

The Enemy of My Enemy

by Avram Davidson

The Seven Signs of Tarnis Were:

Green eyes

Long fingers

Long ears, with tips

Smooth and hairless bodies

Full mouths

Slender feet

Melodious voices

Jerrod Northi—rogue, pirate, and a citizen of Pemath—was desperate...


by Avram Davidson

Rork! Rork! RORK!

Ran Lomar wanted only to be left alone—to get away from it all. That's why he volunteered for duty on Pia 2, the most remote, isolated world in the Galazy.

His assignment was simple. The problem...

Mutiny in Space

by Avram Davidson

Marooned on a lost planet at the edge of Space. Their only companions? A howling army of screaming, crazed women.

Captain Marrus Rond and his command staff were castaways, and the Starship Persephone was in...

Masters of the Maze

by Avram Davidson

Between the worlds and across the eons runs the Maze—a pathway to all space and time.

Its Masters know its secret and guard it—but now the monstrous Chulpex are using it to swarm across the galaxy and ravage...

The Island Under the Earth

by Avram Davidson

Earthy, hot-tempered Captain Stag followed a simple man's quest; Tabnath Lo the trader was driven by obsessions; the enigmatic augurs Castegor and Gortecas manuervered toward secret ends; and around them all...

The Avram Davidson Science Fiction & Fantasy MEGAPACK®

by Avram Davidson

Avram Davidson (1923-1993) was an American writer of fantasy fiction, science fiction, and crime fiction, as well as the author of many stories that do not fit into a genre niche. He won a Hugo Award and three...

The Investigations of Avram Davidson

by Avram Davidson, Grania Davis & Richard A. Lupoff

Like Malamud and Jackson, Avram Davidson brought a unique level of charm, wit, and intrigue to the short story form. Collected here for the first time are his remarkable mystery tales, including the 1815 investigations...