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Out of Order Murder Mystery

by Bert Paul

Take everything you've ever known about mysteries, and get ready to toss it out the window. Preferably at the neighbor who stole your newspaper this morning. Go on. We'll wait here. This story is a spoof of...

The Flounder Flats Festival Fiasco

by Bert Paul

A couple of odd organizations involving the elderly residents of High Towers in T-Ville are plotting to hoard...something, and store it...somewhere. They think their activities in this regard may be illegal,...

The Marauding Walls of Doom: Another Strange Uncle Bert Story

by Bert Paul

All over the world, 8-foot-by-2-foot sections of brick wall appear out of nowhere and zoom along, striking things in their paths. Cars are wrecked, property is damaged, and many people are killed. What is causing...

The Plaid Memorandum

by Bert Paul

Long-time residents of T-Ville, Mrs. Plaid and Old Mr. P, are dismayed to see that their obituaries are published prematurely (and with little regard for facts) in the local newspaper. They decide to "lay low,"...