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Avalanche of Daisies

by Beryl Kingston

It is 1944, and Private Steve Wilkins is waiting to go to war. A new recruit to the mighty Desert Rats, he is billeted in Norfolk as the Allies meticulously plan the attack to open up the Second Front. Being...

Gates of Paradise

by Beryl Kingston

It is 1852 and Alexander, a young biographer in search of the truth about William Blake, has parted from his new bride and travelled to the village of Felpham. For it was here that the scene of Blake's darkest...

London Pride

by Beryl Kingston

Growing up in the Tower of London under the loving protection of her soldier father, Peggy is proud and content, even if she does have to put up with her mother's nerves and her whining younger sister, Baby....

Maggie's Boy

by Beryl Kingston

When Alison marries Rigby Toan she cannot believe her luck. Rigg is the perfect husband ? loving, ambitious and attractive ? and everybody envies them their happiness.

But when the recession takes hold Rigg's...

Gemma's Journey

by Beryl Kingston

Gemma Goodeve, a young actress with a promising career, is involved in a terrible train crash in which many lives are lost and many people are injured. Gemma herself has to have her lower leg amputated before...

Fourpenny Flyer

by Beryl Kingston

Johnnie Easter takes his family by surprise when he falls in love with Harriet Sowervy. For all his business talent Johnnie is a shy lad, awkward at social events. But when he meets gentle Harriet, beaten into...

A Time to Love

by Beryl Kingston

First published in 1988, A Time to Love is a a story of two lives meeting.

Ellen Murphy was born to a world of rotting slums and starving children. Determined to escape from poverty and her drunken Irish father,...

Sixpenny Stalls

by Beryl Kingston

As England basks in the golden years of Queen Victoria's reign, the Easter empire that began half a decade before with Nan Easter's newspaper walk, is growing from strength to strength. But then tragedy strikes,...

Tuppenny Times

by Beryl Kingston

Spirited and independent, lady's maid Nan Smithen has ambitions far beyond her station. Marriage to a wealthy businessman enchanted by her youth brings her position, children and a comfortable union. Until her...

Octavia's War

by Beryl Kingston

It is 1936 and the headmistress at Roehampton Secondary School, pioneer and suffragette Octavia Smith, is steering her pupils towards success as her exemplary girls’ school moves from strength to strength....


by Beryl Kingston

When your heart and your dreams are divided

A much loved only child, great things are expected of young Octavia Smith. While her cousin Emmeline’s ambition is to ‘get married and have lots of babies’,...