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All Else Confusion

by Betty Neels

She probably shouldn't have married him...

Annis's life as daughter of the Rectory was a busy and happy one, certainly not lacking in love—but she loved Jake Royle even more than she loved her family. So when...

Midsummer Star

by Betty Neels

Facing bankruptcy, Celine's family was forced to turn their home into a guesthouse to make ends meet. Celine found her new life to be a lot of hard work but great fun, too. And she soon met a young man, Nicky,...

Summer Idyll

by Betty Neels

When Dr. George Pritchard asked Phoebe to marry him, she hadn't needed much persuading. The recent death of her aunt had left her penniless and without a job. Besides, she did like him. So what if he'd made...

Innocent Bride

by Betty Neels

Aunt Thirza had been everything to Katrina Gibbs, but her death left Katrina with little money and no marketable skills. Katrina did have two things, though--her aunt's small cottage in Dorset, and the friendship...

Matilda's Wedding

by Betty Neels

When Matilda's father retires due to ill health, the family's new life in Much Winterlow falls into reduced circumstances. To make ends meet, Matilda applies to be Dr. Henry Lovell's receptionist. She does her...

The Promise of Happiness

by Betty Neels


So stated the urbane Baron Tiele Raukema van den Eck-and as Rebecca Saunders was both thin and mouse-like, she knew exactly where she stood with him! But he had been very kind,...

Caroline's Waterloo

by Betty Neels

Caroline had never imagined that anyone would want to marry her. After all, she wasn't pretty or clever in any way. But the imposing Professor Radinck Thoe van Erckelens did propose to her and, having speedily...

Never Too Late

by Betty Neels

Far from being brokenhearted when her long-standing and rather dull engagement to Tony came to an end, Prudence welcomed it as an opportunity to break out of her comfortable shell, to make a new and exciting...


by Betty Neels

Working for Professor Sam Gervis was difficult enough, even if you weren't falling in love with him...which Polly was. Luckily she was realistic about the situation. Sam was engaged to the lovely Deirdre. And...

A Girl to Love

by Betty Neels

Surely now her quiet life could continue?

Sadie had always been happy and contented with her quiet, uneventful life in a small Dorset village, and only wished for life to continue that way. She couldn't believe...

A Dream Came True

by Betty Neels

After her parents' deaths, and her brother's departure for America, Jemima had no choice but to make a new life for herself. Since she wasn't trained for anything, that wasn't going to be easy. On the whole,...

Heaven Is Gentle

by Betty Neels


Sister Eliza Proudfoot took a job at the special clinic run by Professor Christian van Duyl. She found him a somewhat intimidating character—large...

Vicar's Daughter

by Betty Neels

Falling for the Professor…

All the village assumed that Margo Pearson was to marry George, but unexpectedly meeting Professor Gijs van Kessel made her pause for thought. But being a plain, practical girl, Margo...

Right Kind of Girl

by Betty Neels


A suitable wife?

Emma Trent had spent most of her life looking after other people, so it was a shock to encounter a man so determined to take care of her—Sir Paul Wyatt was fast becoming her very own...

Kiss for Julie

by Betty Neels

Simply Simon

Julie Beckworth enjoyed her work as a medical secretary at Saint Bravo's hospital in London, so it was a nasty surprise when her elderly boss, Professor Smythe, announced that he was retiring. After...

Discovering Daisy

by Betty Neels

Daisy Gillard leads a quiet life working in her father's antiques shop, until the handsome pediatrician Mr. Jules der Huizma sweeps her away to Holland! It is a secret joy for Daisy that Jules seems to want...

Always and Forever

by Betty Neels

When Dr. Oliver Fforde unexpectedly arrives at Amabel's guesthouse during a winter storm, he makes a lasting impression. Of course, Amabel doesn't expect to see him again. Yet every time she finds herself in...

Independent Woman

by Betty Neels

Julia Gracey has always lived by the rule that women should stand on their own two feet. But whenever there's a problem, Professor Gerard van der Maes always seems to be on hand with the perfect solution! Gerard...

Good Wife

by Betty Neels

It seemed strange to Serena Lightfoot that whenever she most needed help, orthopaedic surgeon Mr. Ivo van Doelen always seemed to have a solution. When he installed her at his old nanny's home in Chelsea, Serena...

Christmas Wish

by Betty Neels

For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at a small private school came as something of a godsend. With no qualifications, she hadn't expected to find a job so easily, let alone one that still brought her...