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Securitization: Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

by Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto & Bradley Jones

This paper examines the financial stability implications arising from securitization markets, with one eye on the past and another on the future. The paper begins by deriving a number of “lessons learned”...

Institutionalizing Countercyclical Investment

by Bradley Jones

Do portfolio shifts by the world's largest asset owners respond procyclically to past returns, or countercyclically to valuations? And if countercyclical investment (with both market-stabilizing and return-generating...

Asset Bubbles:Re-thinking Policy for the Age of Asset Management

by Bradley Jones

In distilling a vast literature spanning the rational— irrational divide, this paper offers reflections on why asset bubbles continue to threaten economic stability despite financial markets becoming more...

Identifying Speculative Bubbles  :  A Two-Pillar Surveillance Framework

by Bradley Jones

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the issue of how best to identify speculative asset bubbles (in real-time) remains in flux. This owes to the difficulty of disentangling irrational investor exuberance...