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Beyond Shock and Awe: Warfare in the 21st Century

by Eric L. Haney & Brian M. Thomsen

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Novel Ideas-Science Fiction

by Brian M. Thomsen

For the first time in one volume, seven classic, award-winning stories which were the genesis for some of the most memorable novels and series in the field of science fiction.

Oval Office Occult: True Stories of White House Weirdness

by Brian M. Thomsen

An entertaining and informative look at our paranormal presidencies." --Bill Fawcett, author of Oval Office Oddities

The Discovery Channel's A Haunting meets the History Channel's The Presidents inside this collection...

Pasta Fazool for the Wiseguy's Soul: Heartwarming Stories of "Family" Life

by Brian M. Thomsen

After all that theft, racketeering, adultery, murder, and going to the mattresses, even a wiseguy needs a little pasta fazool for the soul. A hilarious self-help parody based on the exploits of Don Corleone,...

The Dream That Will Not Die

by Brian M. Thomsen

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."—John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inauguration Address, January 20, 1961

"Some men see things as they were...

Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray

by Brian M. Thomsen

The agony and anguish of the War Between the States affected all aspects of American life. Many quarters suffered, but one in particular seemed to prosper in the postwar aftermath: the publishing industry. Though...

Blue & Gray at Sea

by Brian M. Thomsen

Excerpted memoirs included are:

- Incidents and Anecdotes of the Cival War by Admiral Porter, including sections dealing with the political schism of the navy at the war's outbreak, as well as accounts of various...

The Awful Truths

by Brian M. Thomsen

ho was Mario Puzo's model for the Don Corleone character in The Godfather? Was it Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno? The infamous Salvatore Maranzano? No . . . it was Puzo's mother! Senator Joseph McCarthy was responsible...

A Yuletide Universe: Sixteen Fantastical Tales

by Brian M. Thomsen

The contributors to this Christmas anthology include well-known writers with strong fan followings such as Bram Stoker and Hugo Award-winning author of "American Gods" Neil Gaiman, Hugo Award winner Connie Willis,...