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The Psychoanalytic Adventures of Inspector Canal

by Bruce Fink

Psychoanalysts make the best detectives! When it comes to divining motives, deciphering ambiguous pronouncements, detecting delusions, and foiling the tricks memory plays, famed French analyst Jacques Lacan...

The Purloined Love: An Inspector Canal Mystery

by Bruce Fink

The inimitable Inspector Canal grapples with love in its myriad forms - newfound love, impossible love, and even medieval love - in the latest mystery by Bruce Fink. Enchantment and romance are at the crux of...

Odor di Murderer, Scent of a Killer: An Adventure From Inspector Canal's New York Agency

by Bruce Fink

The scent of a woman-odor di femmina-that elusive je ne sais quoi that brings out the Don Juan in men, gets Inspector Canal all confused in this new mystery.Is it the tentacular JVMQ Group, the cosmetics giant,...

Against Understanding, Volume 2: Cases and Commentary in a Lacanian Key

by Bruce Fink

Against Understanding, Volume 2, casts a spotlight on the status of case studies in psychoanalysis, which are commonly used to illustrate clinicians' expertise and mastery rather than patients' actual itineraries....

Against Understanding, Volume 1: Commentary and Critique in a Lacanian Key

by Bruce Fink

2014 American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize winner for Best Anthology

Against Understanding, Volume 1, explores how the process of understanding (which can be seen to be part and parcel of the...

Death by Analysis: Another Adventure From Inspector Canal's New York Agency

by Bruce Fink

If words could kill, what would they say?If looks could kill, who would they slay?Your psychoanalyst?A stunning young analyst-in-training keels over dead in front of three hundred guests at her Institute's annual...

Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique: A Lacanian Approach for Practitioners

by Bruce Fink

An introduction to psychoanalytic technique from a Lacanian perspective. What does it mean to practice psychoanalysis as Jacques Lacan did? How did Lacan translate his original theoretical insights into moment-to-moment...

Lacan on Love

by Bruce Fink

Quintessentially fascinating, love intrigues and perplexes us, and drives much of what we do in life. As wary as we may be of its illusions and disappointments, many of us fall blindly into its traps and become...