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Birthday Wishes Do Cum True: A Stepfather Stepdaughter Erotic Tale

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

In the run up to her stepfather's birthday, his eighteen year old stepdaughter teases him that she has a special gift to give him. On a pair of white panties she writes 'daddy's gift' in red lipstick and flashes...

Le Choix de Sophie: Une Nouvelle Érotique

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Sophie rencontre Daniel dans un bar, sans réaliser que ce flirt bénin va mener à une profonde connexion mentale et physique. Daniel est son professeur d'université. Sophie doit décider si une relation illicite...

Power and Submission: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight

Amy, a young professional woman, meets Peter, a powerful and wealthy businessman. Their meeting is not by chance. It's part of Peter's plan to seduce her. Over time he slowly introduces her to his world of BDSM,...

The Bondage Proposition: A BDSM Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

When her father can't repay a wealthy man he borrowed money from his daughter offers herself as repayment if the debt is cleared. The man accepts the offer as long as the girl lets him do anything. When she...

Iris: Bdsm with the Boss

by Caralyn Knight

Iris is used to getting what she wants. Men have always been her playthings and in her world she is the one in control. August is the one man that could shatter everything she thought she knew about herself....

Into the Cougar's Den: An Erotic Threesome Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight

When a young man moves to a new apartment he ends up next door to a couple of older women. They take him under their wing to show him around the neighborhood, but when they invite him into their home he quickly...

Faith's Dark Desire: A Paranormal Vampire Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight

Terminally ill and without hope of a cure, Faith decides to live out the rest of her young life in a new country where no one knows anything about her or her illness. When she meets Jeremiah at a small local...

Destiny's Wolf: A Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight

Being promoted to partner at work is great, but it means that Destiny will have no time to indulge her childhood love of camping. As a last hurrah before she gets shut up in the office for a year or more, she...

Madness by the Light of the Moon: A Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight

Jeff is a werewolf, but prefers to stay in his animal form. He was never really good at changing at will, so he just stayed primal. While wandering around in his forest one day he catches a scent of female perfume...

The Virgin Tales 3: Kristy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Kristy is a tall sexy blonde home from college for the summer. She left for school a virgin and despite her best efforts she returned one as well. Her sweetheart at home waited hoping he would be the one but...

The Virgin Tales 2: Amy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Amy is still a virgin at 19 in a college world where that is a rarity. She is dating a hot, popular guy who is determined to have his way with her. Unfortunately for her boyfriend, she's got a crush on an older...

Diamonds: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Allie is a beautiful blonde that works at exclusive upscale jewelry store. She has worked there for years and one day breaks down crying because all she wants is someone to buy her something pretty. A coworker...

In Plain Sight: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

A young widow isn't sure she will ever find love again. Her brother arrives home from a military deployment with his best friend, whom she has known almost his whole life, and she finds herself content just...

Second Chances: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Can the love that broke a young woman's heart mend it years later? Jessica was in love with Michael from the moment she met him all those years ago. He loved her too but couldn't bring himself to end his marriage...

Stubborn Hearts: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Grady gets the ranch but his parents attach an odd condition to his inheritance. He must run the ranch with Shayna, their goddaughter. His parents' knew that the pair belonged together but were unable to admit...

Wedding Crashers: An Erotic Revenge Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Nick is pissed - his ex had the gall to invite him to her wedding after cleaning out his bank account and running away with another man. He attends the wedding, but is determined to get even. Phoebe is pissed...

Going Down: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Jen lives in 16B and every morning, she rides the elevator with Derek, from 14C. They're friends - sort of - but the potential for something more is always in the elevator with them. Derek doesn't think a woman...

L'ossessione del patrigno per le Mutandine: L'avventura erotica di una figliastra

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Una ragazza diciottenne, nella convivenza quotidiana con la madre, raggiunge la sensazione che il suo patrigno ha un interesse verso di lei che va ben oltre quello paterno. Raggiunta una matura convinzione,...

Potere e Sottomissione: Una Fantasia Erotica BDSM

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Amy, una giovane professionista, incontra Peter, un facoltoso e potente uomo d'affari. Il loro incontro non avviene per caso, ma fa parte di un piano di Peter per sedurla. Durante la loro frequentazione lui...

A Thin Line Between Lust and Hate: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Zoe and Tyler are junior copywriters at the same ad agency - and they can't stand the sight of each other. When they get stuck in a crappy motel room during an overnight business trip, they can't think of a...