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On War: Volume I

by Carl Von Clausewitz

The works of German military historian and theorist Carl von Clausewitz continue to be ranked among the finest examples of the genre. His surprisingly complex conceptions of war are still studied by military...

Essential On War for Business: The Classic Work by Carl von Clausewitz for Business Today

by Carl Von Clausewitz

Boardroom lessons from a master strategist The Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz?s On War has, alongside Sun Tzu?s Art of War, long been recognized as the most definitive classic on the art, theory and principles...

The Essential Clausewitz: Selections from On War

by Carl Von Clausewitz & Joseph I. Greene

Succinct edition of the influential work, from its observations on the nature and theory of warfare to its outlines of strategic policies: moral force and military virtues, effects of victory and retreat, more....

Principles of War

by Carl Von Clausewitz

The most cited, most controversial, and most modern book on warfare. The author examines moral and psychological aspects of war: courage, audacity, self-sacrifice, the importance of morale and public opinion,...

On Victory and Defeat: From "On War"

by Carl Von Clausewitz, Michael Eliot Howard & Peter Paret

The seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have renewed the age-old debate over what constitutes military victory. Will the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan be seen as a sign of victory...

On War

by Carl Von Clausewitz, Michael Eliot Howard & Peter Paret

On War is the most significant attempt in Western history to understand war, both in its internal dynamics and as an instrument of policy. Since the work's first appearance in 1832, it has been read throughout...

On War: With linked Table of Contents

by Carl Von Clausewitz

'On War' is the West's premier work on the philosophy of war. Other soldiers before him had written treatises on various military subjects, but none undertook a great philosophical examination of war on the...