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Safety In Numbers

by Carla Cassidy

Trained to protect, Meredith West had always been self-sufficient. That is, until she discovered she had a stalker. Suddenly, the tough, trained bodyguard was a damsel in distress—and too embarrassed to ask...

Her Secret, His Duty (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (The Adair Legacy, Book 1)

by Carla Cassidy

New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy writes about a scandal–and a passion–that could be front-page news…

When Debra Prentice discovers she's pregnant, she knows two things are true: that she...

Baby Trouble: The Spy's Secret Family / Operation Baby Rescue / Cowboy's Triplet Trouble (Mills & Boon By Request) (Top Secret Deliveries, Book 4)

by Cindy Dees, Beth Cornelison & Carla Cassidy

The Spy’s Secret Family

When tycoon Nick Cass wakes up in a hospital room, he has no memory of the beautiful woman at his side. Yet when Laura Delaney tells him their son has been kidnapped, Nick has no choice...

With the Material Witness in the Safehouse

by Carla Cassidy

FBI agent Ryan Burton spent his days investigating every sinister secret in the fog-shrouded village of Raven's Cliff…his nights he spent protecting a beautiful material witness with no memory. At one time...

Wife for a Week

by Carla Cassidy



When irresistible Hank Riverton said he needed Angela Samuels's help, how was the virginal secretary to know he'd be talking about marriage? Now she was on her way to Mustang, Montana,...

What If I'm Pregnant...?

by Carla Cassidy

THE RIGHT MAN AT THE WRONG TIME…Colette Carson didn't need a man in her life, but she wanted a baby more than anything. So she headed to the local sperm bank to make her dream come true. Then handsome rancher...

Wanted: Bodyguard

by Carla Cassidy

Special Agent Riley Kincaid was fearless when it came to hunting ruthless criminals. But he was clueless when it came to marriage. Even a pretend one. Now, faced with a gorgeous single mother who needed protection...

Under the Boardwalk

by Carla Cassidy

She'd need to pull some strings…

Puppeteer Nikki Richardson has spent most of her life living on the boardwalk. It's her home, her family, her life…and where her heart was shattered seven years ago. Now the...

Tool Belt Defender

by Carla Cassidy

"It's party time."

That's the "invitation" shoved under her door. It's got Brittany Grayson fearing for her life…and her sanity. She's sure the monster who once held her captive for months is dead, so why his...

To Wed and Protect

by Carla Cassidy

A MAN UNLIKE ANY OTHERLuke Delaney was the sexiest—and most scandalous—man Inferno, Arizona, society had ever bred. Though he'd broken all the rules, he was coming to terms with the past and moving on with...

Their Only Child

by Carla Cassidy

For Christmas, she wanted her family back

For single mom Theresa Mathews, the Christmas holidays were extra special because of her son. And because in him she still held part of Sullivan—the man she'd once loved....

Sunrise Vows

by Carla Cassidy

Their in-name-only marriage would serve as bait

Belinda Connor in no way wanted to be a temporary wife—especially to Derek Walker, who'd sneaked back into her heart with the stealth of a thief. But when it became...

Strangers When We Married

by Carla Cassidy

THE AGENT: Seth Greene, determined operative—and estranged husband and father.

THE MISSION: Infiltrate his ex-wife's home—and gain her much-needed expertise.

THE DEVASTATING DISCOVERY: Seth is still very much...

Snowbound with the Bodyguard & The Cowboy's Secret Twins

by Carla Cassidy

Two fan-favorite stories of romance and suspense from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy!

Snowbound with the Bodyguard

Dalton West has no time for love and family. But protecting is in his blood....

Snowbound with the Bodyguard

by Carla Cassidy

She'd been stranded by a snowstorm with nowhere to turn. But when all seemed lost, mom-on-the-run Janette Black saw the sign for Wild West Protective Services—and found Dalton West.

The loner of the West clan...

The Sheriff's Secretary

by Carla Cassidy

Sheriff Lucas Jamison was the law in his small bayou town. And secretary Mariah Harrington had often weathered his powerful fury as she stood between him and her boss, the mayor. But when her son was kidnapped,...

Secrets of a Pregnant Princess

by Carla Cassidy

A KINGDOM'S HONOR depends on the actions of the man assigned to protect its princess…When Princess Samira Kamal found herself pregnant and abandoned, she faced shaming her family and threatening the peace...

Scene of the Crime: Widow Creek

by Carla Cassidy

Lexie Forbes had come to Kansas looking for answers, but all she uncovered was a killer on her trail. Still, the FBI agent wasn't about to give up on her desperate search for the truth behind the suspicious...

Scene of the Crime: Mystic Lake

by Carla Cassidy

When FBI profiler Amberly Nightsong is sent to Mystic Lake to consult with local cops about three ritualistic murders, the last thing she expects is to be a piece in a madman's sick puzzle. Luckily, she has...

Scene of the Crime: Killer Cove

by Carla Cassidy


A family tragedy brings Bo McBride to his Mississippi town two years after...