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Wed Under Western Skies

by Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St.John & Jenna Kernan

Join three favorite authors as three unforgettable couples areWed Under Western Skies ABANDONED by Carolyn Davidson The sole survivor of a wagon train raid, Elizabeth Travis has been left with amnesia. Cameron...

Texas Lawman

by Carolyn Davidson


It was quite an introduction, but before sunrise, Sheriff Brace Caulfield knew Sarah Murphy was a woman to match him in every way. The amazing woman was so determined to rescue...

Saving Grace

by Carolyn Davidson

If ever Grace Benson needs a man to ride to her rescue, now is the time—and Kansas preacher Simon Grafton is the man! When he encounters her on the roadside being brutally attacked by her uncle's farmhand,...


by Carolyn Davidson

Jake McPherson


He was a Civil War veteran, wounded in body and soul. And when his wife died unexpectedly, he retreated from life, craving only solitude and his happy memories. But his young son...

The Marriage Agreement

by Carolyn Davidson


were all in a day's work for undercover government agent Gage Morgan. Songbird Lily Devereaux was not. No soiled dove, she was a lady in need of protection. But once vows were spoken, would...

The Magic of Christmas

by Carolyn Davidson, Victoria Bylin & Cheryl St.John

A Christmas Child by Carolyn Davidson

Marianne Winters has no one in the world but her baby brother and, with Christmas approaching, she needs somewhere warm to stay. Will she find her home, and a loving heart,...

Lone Star Bride

by Carolyn Davidson


Not when his actions had brought suffering to others. So he sought redemption on a remote Texas ranch. The last thing he needed was trouble in the form of...


by Carolyn Davidson

Something about the woman hit John Roper hard, right in the gut. She was frightened, her face bruised, yet her inner beauty and bravery were immediately apparent. And there was no way in hell he was leaving...

Colorado Courtship

by Carolyn Davidson

Choose A Man Or Be Left Behind!

So said the code of the West for women alone on wagon trains. But newly widowed Jessica Beaumont had a baby on the way, and what kind of man would willingly take on another man's...

The Bride

by Carolyn Davidson

She thought her fate was sealed…

Isabella Montgomery's future looked bleak. Before her father died, he betrothed her to Juan Garcia, an old ranchero infamous for cruelty. Now, shut away in a convent, she dreaded...

Big Sky Rancher

by Carolyn Davidson

Lucas O'Reilly did things his way…and as founder and mayor of Thunder Canyon, he answered to no one—he liked it that way. Except lately, now that he owned one of the bigger spreads, and richer mines, under...

Redemption (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Carolyn Davidson

Jake McPherson


He was a Civil War veteran, wounded in body and soul. And when his wife died unexpectedly, he retreated from life, craving only solitude and his happy memories. But his young...

The Texan (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

U.S. Marshal Jonathan Cleary Was A Man With A Plan:

After one last undercover assignment, he'd claim a corner of the wide Texas sky and get hitched to the wild and carefree woman of his dreams. But Fate, disguised...

The Seduction Of Shay Devereaux (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

Shay Devereaux had been alone, angry and bereft of hope–until a deathbed plea had sent him into the arms of Jenny Pennington, the one woman who could resurrect him, heart and soul!

Though the war had scarred...

The Bachelor Tax (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

Rancher Gabe Tanner was content to ride herd on bachelorhood forever. And if it hadn't been for that blasted bachelor tax, he would have. Even if every glimpse he had of Rosemary Gibson, the preacher's daughter,...

Texas Gold (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

Faith Hudson Was Falling In Love With Her Husband!

Her marriage was a disaster. Her husband was better off in Boston without her. It had been clear to her then, and it was even clearer now that she'd traveled...

Tempting A Texan (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson


Or close enough, anyway. Wealthy banker Nicholas Garvey was stunned to learn he was now the legal guardian of a niece he hadn't known he had. But the bigger surprise was the child's beguiling...

Maggie's Beau (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

On the run from a nightmarish life, Maggie had the power to stir feelings of forever in rancher Beau Jackson's soul. From the first moment, he knew he loved this sweet-spirited gamin, but would she ever feel...

A Marriage By Chance (Mills & Boon Historical)

by Carolyn Davidson

Her fool brother had gone and lost his half of the family ranch in a game of cards, leaving her to live with her brother's mistakes, and handsome cowboy Mr. J. T. Flannery. Then trouble struck the ranch, and...

A Convenient Wife (Mills & Boon Silhouette)

by Carolyn Davidson

All she wanted was a kitchen to run and a garden to tend

But when Doc Gray offered his name to her and the baby she carried, Ellie Mitchum was overwhelmed. How could she, a girl of "a certain reputation," ever...