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The Homecoming

Niceville #2

by Carsten Stroud

From its explosive opening to its eerie climax, The Homecoming is a page-turning, labyrinthine thrill ride that returns to Niceville . . . where evil lives far longer than men do.

When two plane crashes set...


Niceville #1

by Carsten Stroud

Something is wrong in Niceville. . .  

A boy literally disappears from Main Street.  A security camera captures the moment of his instant, inexplicable vanishing. An audacious bank robbery goes seriously wrong:...

Deadly Force: In the Streets with the U.S. Marshals

by Carsten Stroud

A riveting and disturbing true account of Federal Marshal Luke Zitto, whose hunt for a vicious killer leads him to a man who raped a fellow marshal, only to discover that one of these criminals is being protected...


Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel 1993

by Carsten Stroud

Checking out a reported robbery at Joe Bell's truck stop, Montana State Highway Patrolman Beau McAllister stumbles upon a shootout between Joe Bell and a band of Dakota Indians.

Iron Bravo

by Carsten Stroud

First Sergeant Dee Crane, a Vietnam Eleven Bravo, recounts his experiences alongside his men, his duties at the National Training Center in the Mojave Desert, and his most recent encounters in the Persian Gulf....

Close Pursuit

by Carsten Stroud

Another night falls on New York City. A victim screams. A siren wails. Eddie Kennedy is on his beat. He's a gold shield homicide detective, and his next week of investigations is a journey you will never forget....

Black Water Transit

by Carsten Stroud

Jack Vermillion is seeing red. So is Earl V. Pike. So is a smart, beautiful NYC detective named Casey Spandau. For Jack, it began when Earl asked for a little favor--one former soldier to another. With Jack’s...

Cobraville: A Novel

by Carsten Stroud

A prophetic thriller from the author of Cuba Strait, Cobraville follows a covert CIA mission deep in the jungles of the Philippines during a savage civil war.

Cole Langan's five-man unit -- in country to repair...

The Reckoning

Niceville #3

by Carsten Stroud

The astonishing final installment in the page-turning trilogy that Stephen King calls “an authentic work of American genius.”


Niceville has an almost unearthly beauty when the sun tops the ancient nearby...