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The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen: Selected Poems

by Charles Baudelaire

Unique collection of Baudelaire's sensual poems about sex and death, rebellion, and corruption features definitive translations of 51 poems from Flowers of Evil, plus 14 prose poems from Paris Spleen.

Flowers Of Evil

by Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire, poète maudit, is the self-styled "Satanic man" whose collection THE?FLOWERS?OF?EVIL (Les Fleurs du Mal) is marked by paeans to sexual degradation such as "The Litanies Of Satan" and "Metamorphosis...

The Flowers of Evil

by Charles Baudelaire & Cyril Scott

One of the most influential volumes of poetry of the nineteenth century, Charles Baudelaire's The Flowers of Evil caused a sensation when it was originally published, even earning Baudelaire a fine when he was...

Paris Spleen: little poems in prose

by Charles Baudelaire & Keith Waldrop

A modernist classic translated for the twenty-first century

Baudelaire on Poe: Critical Papers

by Charles Baudelaire & Lois and Francis E. Hyslop

Renowned poet Charles Baudelaire played a significant role in introducing Edgar Allan Poe to French readers by publishing widely read criticisms and translations of Poe's writings. The two writers shared an...

Flowers of Evil and Other Works: A Dual-Language Book

by Charles Baudelaire

Handsome edition includes great French poet's controversial work, Les Fleurs du Mal, plus prose poems from "Spleen of Paris," critical essays on art, music, and literature, and personal letters.

Writings On Hashish And Alcohol: Charles Baudelaire

by Charles Baudelaire

In the 1840s, Charles Baudelaire was a regular member of the infamous Club des Hashischins ("Club of the Hashish-Eaters"), a Parisian literary group dedicated to the exploration of altered states of consciousness,...

Paris Spleen

by Charles Baudelaire & Louise Varese

One of the founding texts of literary modernism. Set in a modern, urban Paris, the prose pieces in this volume constitute a further exploration of the terrain Baudelaire had covered in his verse masterpiece,...

Flowers of Evil: A Selection

by Charles Baudelaire, Marthiel Mathews & Jackson Mathews

Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal, which in successive editions contained all of his published poems, has opened new vistas for man's imagination and quickened the sensibilities of poets everywhere. The greatest French...


by Charles Baudelaire & Edward K. Kaplan

A stunning new translation of a neglected masterpiece by one of history’s most celebrated writers.


Ten years before Baudelaire published his masterpiece, The Flowers of Evil, the great poet penned the only...

The Poems And Prose Of  Charles Baudelaire

by Charles Baudelaire

Baudelaire is a masculine poet. He carved rather than sang; the plastic arts spoke to his soul. A lover and maker of images. Like Poe, his emotions transformed themselves into ideas. Bourget classified him as...


by Charles Baudelaire

Modern poetry begins with Charles Baudelaire (1821-67), who employed his unequalled technical mastery to create the shadowy, desperately dramatic urban landscape -- populated by the addicted and the damned --...