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International Relations: A Beginner's Guide

by Charles Jones

Today, more than ever, we are buffeted by forces that originate from beyond our shores. Whether it’s war, economics, politics, or law, we live in a global world influenced by a complex landscape of international...

More Than Just War: Narratives of the Just War and Military Life

by Charles Jones

This book raises questions about the just war tradition through a critical examination of its revival and by juxtaposing it with a literary phenomenology of war.                                       ...

The Forgotten Battle of 1066, Fulford

by Charles Jones

<div>A history of the forgotten third battle of 1066, the battlefield of which until recently remained undiscovered. Three weeks and three days before the epic clash at Hastings in 1066 between Harold...

Grammatical Gender in English: 950 to 1250

by Charles Jones

First published in 1988, this book explores the grammatical loss of gender in English. It demonstrates that from the end of the Old English period, there was a considerable time period, of about three hundred...