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Philosophy of Religion: A Beginner's Guide

by Charles Taliaferro

Why does evil exist? Could God could create a stone he couldn’t lift? Does the wonder of life imply a creator? Philosophy of religion is concerned with such questions. Assuming no prior knowledge of philosophy,...

Aesthetics: A Beginner's Guide

by Charles Taliaferro

What is art? Why do we find some things beautiful but not others? Is it wrong to share mp3s? These are just some of the questions explored by aesthetics, the philosophy of art. In this sweeping introduction,...

The Image in Mind: Theism, Naturalism, and the Imagination

by Charles Taliaferro & Jil Evans

A philosophical inquiry into the strengths and weaknesses of theism and naturalism in accounting for the emergence of consciousness, the visual imagination and aesthetic values. The authors begin by offering...

Love, Love, Love: And Other Essays

by Charles Taliaferro

Three days before his death, my father, at 95 years old, held hands with me and repeated the word Love three times. The essays were written over five years. All are written with the aim of combining humor with...