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Finding Haldgren

by Charles W Diffin

Chet Ballard answers the pinpoint of light that from the craggy desolation of the moon stabs out man's old call for help.

Out of the Dreadful Depths

by Charles W Diffin

Robert Thorpe seeks out the nameless horror that is sucking all human life out of ships in the South Pacific

The Pirate Planet

by Charles W Diffin

A strange light blinks on Vensus, and over Earth hovers a mysterious visitant-dread harbinger of interplanetary war.

Hammer of Thor

by Charles W Diffin

Like the Hammer of Thor was the clash of Danny O'Rourke with the mysterious giant of space.

Spawn of the Stars

by Charles W Diffin

The Earth lay powerless beneath those loathsome, yellowish monsters that, sheathed in cometlike globes, sprang from the skies to annihilate man and reduce his cities to ashes.

When the Mountain Came to Miramar

by Charles W Diffin

It is magic against magic as Garry Connell bluffs for his life with a prehistoric savage in the heart of Sentinel Mountain.

Two Thousand Miles

by Charles W Diffin

Rawson learns to his cost that the life-spark of a fabled race glows in the black heart of a dead, Western volcano.

Brood of the Dark Moon

by Charles W Diffin

Once more Chet, Walt and Diane are united in a wild ride to the Dark Moon-but this time they go as prisoners of their deadly enemy Schwartzmann.

Dark Moon

by Charles W Diffin

Mysterious, dark, out of the unknown deep comes a new satellite to lure three courageous Earthlings on to strange adventures.

The Eye of Allah

by Charles W Diffin

On the fatal sevenths of September a certain Secret Service man sat in the Presidents chair and-looked back into the Eye of Allah.


by Charles W Diffin

The extraordinary story of "Paul," who for thirty days was Dictator of the World.

The Power and the Glory

by Charles W Diffin

"And I would have been the greatest man in the world