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Veneficus: Stones of the Chosen

The Veneficial Progressions #1

by Chris Page

This is the beginning of an epic saga of books featuring the savage and brutal realism of Dark Ages conflict with domineering rulers and stardust legends. A veneficus is a Dark Ages hybrid of sorcerer, magician,...

Gemini Thunder

The Veneficial Progressions #2

by Chris Page

This book picks up where Book One, Veneficus - Stones of the Chosen, left off... The Viking are coming! The most savage and vicious raiders of Britain's history have sent a large force of ninety longships to...

Call of the Kings

The Veneficial Progressions #3

by Chris Page

The French and English kings are at war, the Viking invaders are still causing mayhem having integrated into the Wessex landscape, and local warlord's battle to gain a foothold on the Celts territory in any...

Killers and Dreamers

by Chris Page

The hardest killers to find are those ordinary people living ordinary lives. Hiding in plain sight they are protected and hidden by their everyday conformity, yet are still able to take innocent lives. Herein...

Bright Lights and Fairy Dust

by Chris Page

Only weeks after Linda receives the devastating diagnosis of inoperable lung cancer, she and her husband, Chris, are told she may not have long to live. But Linda is not about to let cancer put her away that...

Blow Down Boy

by Chris Page

A young priest who was abused by a male tutor at a London seminary plots revenge. He has gathered a group of down-and-out ex-soldiers to help him. As the body count rises, it includes an undercover agent and...

Bullet Naked

by Chris Page

On the Pakistan border an American spy drone is brought down and captured. A heavily scarred young jihadist is sent to England to fly it into a special and important target and is picked up by the cameras at...

Sweet Chariot: Book One of the Albie Cork Series

by Chris Page

A modern hero, Albie Cork is a former army bomb disposal man - a 'bombhead' - who can't live without the danger of potentially exploding Semtex and the after-smell of its burn-off. With fourteen years frontline...

Dead Footballers

by Chris Page

The England and Spurs goalkeeper is assassinated in central London. Others will follow as the vengeance of an international betting group on professional football cheats continues to take effect. As Albie loses...