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The Bravo Bachelor

by Christine Rimmer

All Gabe Bravo wanted was to convince Mary Hofstetter to sell him her land. But the young widow had barely told him to hightail it off her property before going into labor. Being an honorable Bravo bachelor,...

Never Kiss Me Again

by Christine Rimmer

"Christine Rimmer never disappoints. And Never Kiss Me Again has it all, characters you'll love in a story you won't be able to put down." --New York Times bestselling author, Susan Mallery. "Sexy. Surprising....

Wife Wanted

by Christine Rimmer

What other disaster could befall Natalie Fortune? Her longawaited vacation had been waylaid, her “new life” postponed. Now she was marooned with a broken leg, a St. Bernard—and a way-too-sexy neighbor....

Valentine's Secret Child

Valentine Bride

by Christine Rimmer

Regal, reserved Irina Lukovic was the perfect live-in housekeeper. Until she found out she was being sent back to her war-torn homeland. So Caleb Bravo came up with the ideal solution…one where they'd still...

The Tycoon's Instant Daughter

by Christine Rimmer

Cut from the same rawhide as his infamous father, Cord Stockwell was ruthless in business--and love. So when social worker Hannah Miller claimed that three-month-old Becky was Cord's progeny, he struck a deal...

Sunshine and the Shadowmaster

by Christine Rimmer

It Was Nothing Short of Shocking!

Heather "Sunshine" Conway was a respectable, small-town widow cheerfully waiting tables to make ends meet. Her brother-in-law, single father Lucas Drury, was a scandalous celebrity—the...

Stroke of Fortune

by Christine Rimmer

Eligible bachelor Flynt Carson struck a hole-in-one when his Sunday golf ritual at the Lone Star Country Club unveiled an abandoned baby girl. Although temporary fatherhood for Flynt Carson dredged up painful...

The Stranger and Tessa Jones

by Christine Rimmer

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Tessa wasn't taking nonsense from any man. But how could she turn away this injured stranger who'd stumbled onto her property in the middle of a blizzard? A man who didn't...

Stranded with the Groom

by Christine Rimmer

SHAKE-UP AT HERITAGE DAY FESTIVAL! The Thunder Canyon Nugget reports that the annual mail-order bride reenactment was a smashing success—until librarian Katie Fenton found herself hitched to a mystery man!...

Shelter in a Soldier's Arms

by Susan Mallery & Christine Rimmer


Shelter—it was such a basic need, and one that single mom Ashley Churchill had always been able to provide for her little girl. Until her luck turned, and the only protection she could find...

Secret Admirer

by Ann Major, Christine Rimmer & Karen Rose Smith


While Red Rock, Texas—beloved hometown of the celebrated Fortune family—prepares for its annual Spring Fling dance, three compelling couples discover the joy and passion of...

Scrooge and the Single Girl

by Christine Rimmer

All I want for Christmas:

1) A good bottle of champagne

2) A free-range turkey

3) A cozy snow-covered cabin

With that list, lifestyle columnist Jillian Diamond was making a statement about what she didn't want for...

The Return of Bowie Bravo

by Christine Rimmer

Well, timing never had been his strong suit…

And the fact that Bowie Bravo walked in the door, after seven years away, just when Glory Rossi was about to go into labor with another man's child certainly proved...

Resisting Mr. Tall, Dark & Texan

by Christine Rimmer

Hot off the press! Word around town is Ethan Traub— of the Texas Traubs—is bringing the family oil business to Thunder Canyon, along with his sassy personal assistant, Lizzie Landry. Settling down isn't part...

The Reluctant Princess

by Christine Rimmer


Elli Thorson, displaced Nordic princess, was used to an occasional reminder of where she came from. But even she was surprised at the sight of the handsome if hulking man...

The Reluctant Cinderella

by Christine Rimmer

Plain Jane Megan Schumacher was the most dependable person on Danbury Way, the sleek suburban cul-de-sac where she lived over her sister's garage. Certainly not the kind of girl who would rock anyone's boat — until...

Ralphie's Wives

by Christine Rimmer

Ralphie Styles had a way with women—lots of women.

Country-singer-turned-bartender Phoebe Jacks ought to know—she'd been married to him…before he'd moved on to her best friend. And then her other best friend....

The Prince's Secret Baby

by Christine Rimmer

Only a matter of urgent Bravo family business could bring Prince Rule to America. And he wasn't leaving until he met Sydney O'Shea…

…who happened to be the mother of Rule's toddler son. Rule didn't expect the...

Prince and Future...Dad?

by Christine Rimmer

Princess Liv Thorson honestly believed she could skulk back to America, her uncharacteristic night of passion a secret known only to a sympathetic sister...and the Viking prince who possessed her underlisse....