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The Heiress: The Bride Quest #3

by Claire Delacroix

"When you open a book by Claire Delacroix, you open a treasure chest of words, rare and exquisite!"


"I seek a bride, the wealthiest heiress in Ireland."

No woman can resist the charms of Rowan de Montvieux....

The Princess

by Claire Delacroix

"I will wed only my one true love!" declared Princess Brianna despite King Henry's decree that she marry one of the sons of the man who had conquered her family's castle.  So Brianna issued a seemingly impossible...

The Bride Quest Series 3-Book Bundle: The Princess, The Damsel, The Heiress

by Claire Delacroix

“Romance and chivalry are alive and well,” declared The Literary Times of this beloved medieval series. “Claire Delacroix brings them alive with her stunning talent for storytelling!” Experience the...

My Lady's Desire

by Claire Delacroix

She'd Only Herself To Offer, but Gabrielle de Perricault hoped 'twas enough to entice the courageous Yves de Sant-Roux to champion her cause. Though should he pledge his sword to her, a greater danger awaited,...

My Lady's Champion

by Claire Delacroix

SHE SWORE NEVER TO WELCOME HIM TO HER BED Yet when the Lady Melissande looked upon the rugged face and form of the knight she'd been forced to marry, her resolve melted. For Quinn de Sayerne stirred her in the...


by Claire Delacroix

Dangerous Magic Tainted the Air Cursed to spend his days as a wolf, at night Rolfe de Viandin was under a different enchantment. One woven by the beauteous Annelise de Sayerne - the woman fated to be his doom......

Unicorn Vengeance

by Claire Delacroix

Drawn Together by Destiny Genevieve de Pereille's music echoed in the hollows of Wolfram's heart, pulling him into an unfamiliar world where his knightly vows faded to a distant murmur. The secret heir to an...

Pearl Beyond Price

by Claire Delacroix

Black Wind, the Mongols hailed him. Swift, fierce and proud. Yet Kira looked upon Thierry de Pereille and saw, not a man marked by legend, but a warrior who had taken her from the life she knew... to a place...