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Chantal: Women of Fire trilogy: Book 3

by Claire Lorrimer

Stubborn in her loyalties and passionate in her affections - Chantal is exquisite, beguiling and volatile. And it is her spirited nature that could all too easily lead the young girl

astray . . .

Beautiful and...

Antoinette: Women of Fire Trilogy: Book Two

by Claire Lorrimer

Antoinette, daughter of the beautiful Scarlett and a French Vicomte, has inherited her mother's exquisite beauty and her passionate, impulsive nature. But the two women are rivals. Antoinette is irresistibly...

Scarlett: Women of Fire Trilogy: Book One

by Claire Lorrimer

Sir John Danesfield, captivated by his illegitimate daughter's spirit, takes her to Regency London to live with his mistress. At fifteen, Scarlett falls in love with the Vicomte Gerard de Valle, an impoverished...

The Dynasty: Rochford Trilogy: Book 3

by Claire Lorrimer

Young, headstrong and wilful, Zandra Rochford marries her first love, Anthony Wisson, believing that his success and strength of character match his good looks and extraordinary generosity. She is unaware that...

The Chatelaine: Rochford Trilogy: Book 1

by Claire Lorrimer

Only Willoughby Tetford, the American self-made millionaire, was shrewd enough to have any misgivings when his beautiful daughter, Willow, married the handsome English aristocrat. Willow herself, seventeen,...

The Wilderling: Rochford Trilogy: Book 2

by Claire Lorrimer

Like a wilderling - a cultivated flower that manages to live in the wild - Lucienne Rochford has survived her terrible early years in France.

Although born into the British aristocracy, Lucy was raised in obscurity...

The Reckoning

by Claire Lorrimer

Clare and Mark Bainbury, married for four years, are gradually becoming aware

that life may not turn out exactly as they might like. Mark's career is not as lucrative

as he had hoped and Clare's growing obsession...

The Faithful Heart

by Claire Lorrimer

Harriet was very young when her ambitious, unscrupulous mother succeeded

in parting her from Paul, the impecunious medical student Harriet loved.

So successfully was Harriet convinced that Paul did not return...

Dead Reckoning

by Claire Lorrimer

Althea, Cressida and Phoebe have been friends since their schooldays. Talented artistic Cressida lives for her work. Phoebe has a career as an actress, but she has always given priority with her time to her...


by Claire Lorrimer

The death of Lucy Godstow's best friend Vanessa on the eve of Lucy's marriage to

Guy Weaver was a big enough blow; but then Vanessa's elderly aunt Joan is found

brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.


House of Tomorrow

by Claire Lorrimer

This is the moving true story of Jeanette Roberts, a young London girl who survived appalling abuse in her own childhood, and so determined to give other children in the same position the love and care she had...


by Claire Lorrimer

Emotions is a delightful collection of short stories by Claire Lorrimer. Each in its way covers an emotion all women will recognize, and many of which are true reflections of women's experiences past and present....

The Search for Love

by Claire Lorrimer

At seventeen, beautiful green-eyed Beverly Bampton knew just what she wanted. She was madly in love with Jonnie Colt and dreamt of nothing more than being his wife, lover and best friend. And once she became...

Never Say Goodbye

by Claire Lorrimer

At 17, Scilla's world fell apart when her first love, Dallas, returned to Australia without even saying goodbye. Ten years later she moves to Libya to make a fresh start as nanny to her sister's children. Her...

Connie's Daughter

by Claire Lorrimer

Mysterious and attractive, Clare is a wartime VAD nurse, and is engaged to Robin Claye, an army officer. On the surface Clare appears to be happy. However, will the scandalous past of her parents continue to...

Over My Dead Body

by Claire Lorrimer

A delightfully tranquil village seems a lovely place to live, but beware of seething resentments and violent passions waiting to erupt with dire consequences A typical English country lane: ten households forming...

Truth to Tell

by Claire Lorrimer

1914: Lady Beaufort already has three boys and she certainly doesn't want another child. But her husband Aubrey has always dreamed of a daughter to fill the gap his sister left when she died tragically young....

The Silver Link

by Claire Lorrimer

Until her father died, Adela Carstairs had lived in a secure and loving home. Then happiness was shattered when her mother remarries a cruel, hard-drinking man. With her younger brother and sister, Adela is...

The Reunion

by Claire Lorrimer

Sally, Lee, Clare, inseparable companions through their school days, had made a vow at fifteen to meet up with each other in ten years time. Now at twenty-five, and as young women, they remember their younger...

An Open Door

by Claire Lorrimer

A heartfelt romance novel from the author of THE RECKONING and SECOND CHANCE which features Susan Parish who, after losing her husband in the war, is raising her son in the quiet seclusion of the country. Despite...