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Third Degree

by Claire Rayner

A severed leg is found, but there is not much the police or their pathologist, George Barnabus, can do. After two further deaths George's suspicions are aroused, and when her lover, Chief Inspector Gus Hathaway,...

Fourth Attempt

by Claire Rayner

The gossipmongers at London's Royal Eastern Hospital are working overtime. Three deaths in as many days among the staff? Worse, three suicides? Something must be very wrong. Dr George Barnabas, not one to stand...

First Blood

by Claire Rayner

Dr Barnabas is the new pathologist at a big inner city hospital. She is also a police surgeon - and the first woman to hold either post. Her first post-mortem is on a well-known author, with all the attendant...

The Virus Man

by Claire Rayner

At 7am, on her twelfth birthday, Miranda Hallam is found dead in bed at Bluegates school, but her's is only the first death. For some time, Ben Pitman has been dedicated to his work towards a breakthrough antiviral...

Second Opinion

by Claire Rayner

This is the second in the medical mystery series, featuring Dr Frederica Barnabus, the forensic pathologist and police-surgeon at the Old East Hospital. In this story she is involved in investigating the harrowing...

Fifth Member

by Claire Rayner

Claire Rayner's 'Fifth Member' is the fifth featuring George Barnabas, the female Head of Pathology at the Old East Hospital. Her fiance, Superintendant Gus Hathaway, has got a very hot case on his hands: the...

Long Acre (Book 6 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

Orphans Amy and Fenton arrive in London determined to find fame and fortune on the stage, like their grandmother, the legendary Lilith Lucas. However, Amy also harbours another desire - to discover her family....

Bedford Row (Book 5 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

The Crimean war is raging a world away from London. Martha Lackland, Abel Lackland's daughter, astonishes her family and friends by announcing her intention to go to the Crimea to work amongst the British soldiers....

Soho Square (Book 4 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

In 1851 Lydia Mohun, the daughter of the famous actress, Lilith Lucas, comes to live in Soho Square. She dreams of the same success on the same stage and when Jonah Lackland's daughter Phoebe is introduced to...

Paddington Green (Book 3 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

In the early years of Queen Victoria's reign Abel Lackland's children are grown up. Two of his sons have followed their father into medicine. The other, Jonah, now married to Lilith's daughter, has achieved...

The Haymarket (Book 2 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

Abel Lackland, rescued from the gutter as a child, has achieved great success as a surgeon. His eldest son, Jonah refuses to follow in his father's footsteps. He secretly nurtures a desire to act on the stage....

Gower Street (Book 1 of The Performers)

by Claire Rayner

The early 1800's. Jesse Constam, a highly respected spice merchant, lives in fashionable Gower Street. Saved from poverty himself, he rescues two children from the gutter. Jesse's intervention changes their...

Nurse in the Sun

by Claire Rayner

Nurse Isabel Cameron had taken a job for six months at the Cadiz, a luxury hotel in Majorca. Leaving an unhappy love affair behind her in London, she swore that there would be no emotional complications in Spain,...

The Doctors of Downlands

by Claire Rayner

Dr Phillipa Fenwick accepted a post as a GP in a large group practice, the only woman on an all-male team. While some of the doctors were prepared to accept her, Dr Max Lester was not. He made it plain that...

Dangerous Things

by Claire Rayner

For a widow with small children, a job at the local school should be ideal, but Hattie joins the Foundation with misgivings, to help look after the first intake of girls in the sixth form. There are problems...

The Contortionists Handbook

by Claire Rayner

John Vincent Dolan is a talented young forger with a proclivity for mathematics and drug addiction. In the face of his impending institutionalization, he continually reinvents himself to escape the legal and...

Shilling A Pound Pears

by Claire Rayner

Running a fruit barrow? Dead-easy thought the younger members of the Jackson and Cooper clan marooned in London for a hot and dusty summer. Even Jane, ever sober and practical, thought it could be done. Richard...

The House on the Fen

by Claire Rayner

No one had seen her leave. Numbed by the inexplicable events of the evening, Harriet Darnell found herself running down the dark path away from the bleak mansion she hated, away from the cruel husband she feared....

The Running Years

by Claire Rayner

She was born in 1893, in the slums of London. The daughter of immigrants, the descendant of exiles, she was part of a people doomed to wander, forever strangers in the lands they had chosen as home. But Hannah...

Lady Mislaid

by Claire Rayner

Her name was Abigail Winterburn - at least that's what the newspapers said. They also said that she was wanted in connection with the disappearance of her stepson. But Abigail couldn't remember her stepson -...