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Marooned In Andromeda

by Clark Ashton Smith

Three mutineers end up stranded on a strange world with even stranger inhabitants!

Odes and Sonnets

by Clark Ashton Smith

Long before the association with "Weird Tales" magazine and H.P. Lovecraft that led to his enduring fame, Clark Ashton Smith was a well-regarded regional poet whose tastes ran to the romantic and the fantastic....

The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack: 40 Modern and Classic Lovecraftian Stories

by H.P. Lovecraft, T.E.D. Klein & Clark Ashton Smith

This volume assembles no less than 40 stories set in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Ranging from Lovecraft's own tales (including classics such as the novel At the Mountains of Madness, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth,"...

The Demon of the Flower

by Clark Ashton Smith

The Demon Flower of Lophai demanded sacrifices, for it was not a peaceful and passive flower such as those found on earth.

The Immortals of Mercury

by Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Howards descent into the cave systems of Mercury, where perils abound from crevasses to local "residents"

Plutonian Drug

by Clark Ashton Smith

Life in the future centuries is touch upon this story with the depiction of the strange and prophetical effects upon the human intellect of a strange chemical imported from, what may be, the most distant of...

The Door to Saturn

by Clark Ashton Smith

Morghi sought to discredit his rival Eibon and gain power, but at what cost?

An Offering to the Moon

by Clark Ashton Smith

Join Morley and Thorway on their exploration of the temples of Mu. Were they devoted to peaceful solar worship... or a something darker?

The Raja and the Tiger

by Clark Ashton Smith

Bently eagerly heads out on a tiger hunt, it seems like a grand lark, but is the tiger truly the most dangerous creature out there?

The Death of Ilalotha

by Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) was a self-educated American poet, sculptor, painter, and author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction short stories. He achieved early local recognition, largely through the...

The Colossus of Ylourgne

by Clark Ashton Smith

Nathaire a thrice infamous alchemist, astrologer and necromancer has unleashed upon the world horrors from Abaddon. Can Gaspard du Nord fight this evil? Or will the world be overrun by the horrors of Abaddon......

The Chain of Aforgomon

by Clark Ashton Smith

The strange tale of John Milwarp, an author whose mysterious death was baffling to both law and science, yet all too soon forgotten, as if being erased from the human record...

The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies

by Clark Ashton Smith & S. T. Joshi

A much-awaited collection of prose and poetry from one of the great cosmic masters of the supernatural

Not just any fantasy, horror, and science fiction author could impress H. P. Lovecraft into calling him "unexcelled...

DARK DIMENSIONS OF DEATH: Selected Weird Fiction

by Clark Ashton Smith & D.M. Mitchell

Along with H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith stands as part of the great triumvirate of horror/fantasy writers who emerged from the ranks of Weird Tales magazine in the 1920s and 1930s....

Fantazius Mallare & The Dark Eidolon: A Book Of The Dead: American Decadent Classics

by Ben Hecht & Clark Ashton Smith

A novel of satanic decadence in the tradition of J-K Huysmans, FANTAZIUS MALLARE is the tale of a deranged recluse who declares war on reality. In his world of hallucination and twisted eroticism, Mallare needs...

The Hashish Eater: An Apocalypse Of Evil

by Clark Ashton Smith

THE?HASHISH EATER (1920), an extraordinary prose-poem of malignant cosmic decadence and psychedelic evil, remains the signature work of its creator, the prolific fantasy author Clark Ashton Smith. Figuring prominently...

The Maker of Gargoyles and Other Stories

by Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith was a prodigy, who wrote Arabian Nights novels in his mid-teens and was heralded as a major voice in American poetry by the time he was nineteen. In one frantic burst in the middle 1930s,...

Necromancy in Naat

by Clark Ashton Smith

Yadar, a princely nomad, searches for his love Dalili, only to discover her on the Island of Naat... and the horrors of the island...

The Eternal World

by Clark Ashton Smith

For Christopher Chadon the day started as a normal one, but he was pulled into a cosmic battle for the Timeless Ones in the Eternal World...

The Charnel God

by Clark Ashton Smith

Phariom claimed Elaith was not dead, but the priests of Mordiggian claimed her for their god...