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The Fall (Medieval Knights Series, Book 5)

by Claudia Dain

Book five in a 5 book series. England, 1165. Juliane: they call her Lady of Frost. Though she is beautiful beyond description, she turns men cold and they wither under her gaze. She was once married, but her...

Daring a Duke

by Claudia Dain

New Yorker Jane Elliot is in London for an adventure. But her two brothers are quite determined that Jane have no such thing. Fortunately, the delightfully clever Sophia Dalby believes that every proper woman...

The Courtesan's Daughter

by Claudia Dain

First in a sexy new series featuring a match-making courtesan.

Lady Sophia Dalby, everyone?s favorite courtesanturned- countess, faces her toughest match-making case yet: her own obstinate daughter.

The Courtesan's Secret

by Claudia Dain

An unrequited love who is in possession of her family?s pearls leaves Lady Louisa Kirkland no choice. She must call on Lady Sophia, an ex-courtesan cleverer than all the other ton matrons combined.

The Courtesan's Wager

by Claudia Dain

If Lady Amelia Caversham is to marry before another Season passes, she'd better find help-namely, that of the infamous courtesan-turned matchmaker Sophia Dalby. But even Amelia is shocked when Lady Dalby informs...

How to Dazzle a Duke

by Claudia Dain

Penelope Prestwick wants the Duke of Edenham for a husband, but figuring out how to dazzle him is no easy matter. Courtesan-turned- matchmaker Lady Dalby figures a bit of competition might do nicely...

Tell Me Lies

by Claudia Dain

Pirates. The scourge of the seas, attacking and stealing, raping and killing. The ship Lydia is on falls prey to pirates. Lydia must somehow find a way to survive, but she has nothing a pirate could want. Except...

To Burn

by Claudia Dain

The Romans had taken Britain and made it their own, but when the Roman Empire collapses on itself, the Roman legions leave the fringes of the Empire and draw back toward the center, to Rome. Leaving Britannia...

The Willing Wife (Medieval Knights Series, Book 3)

by Claudia Dain

Book 3 in a series of five. Autumn 1155, England. She was a willing wife. Nicolaa had been married four times before; she knew how to welcome a stranger into her bed, to give him her lands, her house, and her...

A Kiss To Die For

by Claudia Dain

Abilene 1873. Bounty hunter Jack Skull is on the trail of a killer working the old Abilene Trail, tracking him north from Texas to Kansas. Jack has been tracking him through the dust and the desolation of lonely...

The Temptation (Medieval Knights Series, Book 4)

by Claudia Dain

Book four in a 5 book series. England, 1158. Elsbeth longs for the quiet prayerful life of the convent. She has no desire to be a bride or a mother, no longing for the things of this world, but she is a woman...

The Marriage Bed (Medieval Knights Series, Book 2)

by Claudia Dain

Book two in a 5 book series. Spring 1155, England. He was a novice monk, pledged to God throughout this earthly life, never to know the joys of the marriage bed, never to be tempted by a woman, and most especially...

The Holding (Medieval Knights Series, Book 1)

by Claudia Dain

Book one in a 5 book series. England. Winter 1155. Cathryn and Greneforde are as one; to possess the woman is to possess the land. William, a knight under King Henry, has been gifted Greneforde Tower as a reward...