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Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty

by Clifford A. Pickover

Fractals and chaos theory lead to startling graphics in this book by a renowned scientist, inventor, and artist, who coordinates information from disparate fields. Over 275 illustrations, 29 in color.

A Passion for Mathematics: Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality

by Clifford A. Pickover

A Passion for Mathematics is an educational, entertaining trip through the curiosities of the math world, blending an eclectic mix of history, biography, philosophy, number theory, geometry, probability, huge...

The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions

by Clifford A. Pickover

Humanity's love affair with mathematics and mysticism reached a critical juncture, legend has it, on the back of a turtle in ancient China. As Clifford Pickover briefly recounts in this enthralling book, the...

Time: A Travelers Guide

by Clifford A. Pickover

Bucky Fuller thought big, Wired magazine recently noted, Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both. In his newest book, Cliff Pickover outdoes even himself, probing a mystery that has...

The Stars of Heaven

by Clifford A. Pickover

Do a little armchair space travel, rub elbows with alien life forms, and stretch your mind to the furthest corners of our uncharted universe. With this astonishing guidebook, you dont have to be an astronomer...

Wonders of Numbers: Adventures in Mathematics, Mind, and Meaning

by Clifford A. Pickover

Who were the five strangest mathematicians in history? What are the ten most interesting numbers? Jam-packed with thought-provoking mathematical mysteries, puzzles, and games, Wonders of Numbers will enchant...

Surfing through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons

by Clifford A. Pickover

Do a little armchair time-travel, rub elbows with a four-dimensional intelligent life form, or stretch your mind to the furthest corner of an uncharted universe. With this astonishing guidebook, Surfing Through...

The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience

by Clifford A. Pickover

In his most ambitious book yet, Clifford Pickover bridges the gulf between logic, spirit, science, and religion. While exploring the concept of omniscience, Pickover explains the kinds of relationships limited...