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The Fortifications of Gibraltar 1068?1945

by Darren Fa, Clive Finlayson & Adam Hook

Gibraltar, located at the meeting points of Europe and Africa, preserves within its fortifications a rich testament to human conflict spanning 600 years. In 1068 the ruling Spanish Muslims built a large fort...

The Improbable Primate: How Water Shaped Human Evolution

by Clive Finlayson

In this fresh and provocative view of a seven-million-year evolutionary journey, Finlayson demonstrates the radical implications for the interpretation of fossils and technologies and shows that understanding...

The Humans Who Went Extinct: Why Neanderthals died out and we survived

by Clive Finlayson

Just 28,000 years ago, the blink of an eye in geological time, the last of Neanderthals died out in their last outpost, in caves near Gibraltar. Thanks to cartoons and folk accounts we have a distorted view...