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So You Think You Know the Olympics

by Clive Gifford

So you think you all about the Olympics? Have a go at these:

Which country's population was granted a day's holiday when its men's football team won gold at the 2000 Olympics?

At the 2012 games, only two stadiums...

Sporting Skills: Athletics: Sporting Skills

by Clive Gifford

Have you been inspired by the 2012 Olympics? Sporting Skills: Athletics is a step by step guide to your favourite athletic disciplines, from sprinting, running and jumping to throwing the javelin, shot put,...

So You Think You Know: Enid Blyton's Famous Five

by Clive Gifford

What is the name of the first book in the Famous Five series? Who is NOT a member of the Five: Julian, Nora or Anne? What does George's father do for a living? So you've read the books, maybe more than once,...

So You Think You Know: Shakespeare

by Clive Gifford

In which play would you find the characters, Bottom, Quince, Puck and Titania? How many of Shakespeare's history plays featured a King called Henry in their title? Does Juliet die by poison, stabbing herself...

True Stories: World War Two

by Clive Gifford

The book contains nine short stories dealing with different aspects of life during World War II. Included is the remarkable survival story of future US President J F Kennedy, the story of the dambusters and...

True Stories: World War One

by Clive Gifford

The book contains nine short stories dealing with different aspects of life during World War I. World War I includes the stories of flying aces such as the 'Red Baron', the story of Lawrence of Arabia and the...

Killer History: A Gruesome and Grisly Trip Through the Past

by Clive Gifford

Some kids are natural bookworms and others you have to chase down with a book. But every kid, even the ones that scowl when you say “read” will devour this mega mix of history’s grisly stories. From all...

Out of this World: All the Cool Things You Wanted to Know About Space

by Clive Gifford

Are you baffled by the Big Bang? Curious about what it’s like to walk on the moon? Wondering if someday you might meet an alien? Dreaming of becoming an astronaut? This fun, comprehensive book is bursting...