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Last Ranger: The Rabid Brigadier - Book #4: The Rabid Brigadier - Book #4

by Craig Sargent

Martin Stone, a survivor of WW3, finds himself in boot camp with the New American Army led by Gen. George Patton III. After a few missions with the army, Stone finds that the general has plans to make himself...

Last Ranger: Warlords Revenge - Book #6: Warlords Revenge - Book #6

by Craig Sargent

The radiation-crazed bikers and mutant wildlife are more than enough to keep Martin Stone and his loyal pit bull busy as they search for Stone's missing sister April. But now, Stone's been targeted by an even...

Last Ranger: War Weapons - Book #5: War Weapons - Book #5

by Craig Sargent

After his encounter with Gen'l Patton III, The last Ranger is out for revenge. As he hunts for the renegade rmy man who is looking to build a fascist empire, Stone finds that he is also being hunted himself....

Last Ranger: The Vile Village - Book #7: The Vile Village - Book #7

by Craig Sargent

Caught in a radioactive rain storm, Martin Stone finds that he has entered a valley of death--where two flipped-out, murderous gangs are locked in a bloody struggle for control of the people and the land.

Last Ranger: The Damn Disciples - Book #9: The Damn Disciples - Book #9

by Craig Sargent

A mad priest is spreading a gospel of Hell across America, and Martin Stone--America's last hope for justice and freedom in a lawless and battered land--has come to shut him down. His reason: the priest has...

Last Ranger: The Cutthroat Cannibals - Book #8: The Cutthroat Cannibals - Book #8

by Craig Sargent

An avalanche, a flood, wild warriors and dogs slow Martin Stone down a bit, but they cannot begin to compare with the hell he will face with a fanatical tribe of inhuman flesh eaters called The Hungry. All Stone...

Last Ranger: Is This the End? - Book #10: Is This the End? - Book #10

by Craig Sargent

In this riveting climax to The Last Ranger series, Martin Stone may have finally met his match when the fate of the earth falls into the hands of madmen. Stone is forced to battle for his life against a death...