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My Daughter's Boyfriend: A Novel

by Cydney Rax

MY DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND offers up the spicy tale of an impossibly tricky love triangle and marks the debut of a fresh and provocative new writer.

Tracey Davenport was only seventeen when she had her daughter,...

My Husband's Girlfriend: A Novel

by Cydney Rax

A celibate husband and wife are the two most dangerous people on earth . . .

Neil and Anya Meadows are stuck in a sexless marriage. Anya suffers from a hormonal disorder that leaves her with no sex drive at all,...


by Cydney Rax & Niobia Bryant

Reckless is an exciting, sexy anthology from three hot authors of urban lit.

''Desperate Housewife'' by Cydney Rax

Carmen Foster thinks she has it all -- a perfect house, kids, and marriage -- until she stumbles...

My Sister's Ex

by Cydney Rax

Rachel Merrell goes into shock when her ex-boyfriend, Jeffery Williams, begins dating her half sister Marlene Draper. At first, Rachel swears Jeff is feigning interest in Marlene just to get back at her for...

My Best Friend and My Man: A Novel

by Cydney Rax

The things women will do–to men and to each other–in search of love

Veron Darcey is a twentysomething African American woman who wants it all: a successful career, an upwardly mobile life, and a loving, attentive...

Brothers and Wives: A Novel

by Cydney Rax

Danielle Frazier walked into her ex’s family reunion expecting some drama. But she never could have anticipated what happened next.


At the reunion, Dani meets Scottie Meadows, a smooth bad boy with a killer...


by Michele Grant, Lutishia Lovely & Cydney Rax

Give in to the thrill of the chase.


“Three smart, dynamic, and captivating stories.” —Niobia Bryant, Essence® bestselling author


There’s nothing hotter than a crush that tempts you to take a chance....