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The Story of Caya: The Makings of a Slave

by Damien Dsoul

Catherine arrived in Nigeria with her parents to spend a three-week summer holiday. Twenty-four hours later she and her parents and several other American families were kidnapped by rebel militants and sold...

The Story of Michael: The Makings of a Boi-Slave

by Damien Dsoul

The sequel to 'The Story of Caya'. Michael Paymer undertakes a journey to Nigeria to find out the whereabouts of his kidnapped girlfriend, Catherine Morgan. Little did he realize he too will partake in the same...

Mary's Addiction

by Damien Dsoul

Donald and Mary Clauston are a rich, white couple. They own a lovely mansion in Sherman Oaks, and three lovely kids, and they're both happy with each other. Or are they? Their life takes a drastic turn one Friday night....

The Story of Thaddeus Black, Part One

by Damien Dsoul

The sequel to 'The Story of Michael,' finds Thaddeus Black, a New York City private detective approached by John Paymer to travel to Nigeria and search for his missing son, Michael, who'd gone searching for...

Master Shango Presents - Five Stories: Five Erotic Short Stories of Domination

by Damien Dsoul

A collection of true stories of white wives succumbing to black lovers

The Tongue Patrol Sales Rep: Fulfilling Married Women's Fantasies

by Damien Dsoul

Saul Mellors has just gotten a job working as a sex representative to a company that indulges fulfilling married white women's sexual fantasies in his neighbourhood.

The Suburban Wives Club

by Damien Dsoul

The second novel in the Suburbia Trilogy. One summer afternoon, Jolene Briggs, along with four other wives are discussing their mundane sex life in Gail Cavanaugh's backyard, when Gail, their matron, makes this...

The Merry Wives of Master Shango

by Damien Dsoul

Olu Shango. A Nigerian sex fiend and Black Master. His mission: to conquer, seduce and dominate as many white women in Nigeria and turn their husbands into domesticated submissives. The wives find him irresistible;...