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by Daniele Aiolfi

The toy that every woman would like. They already have a dildo.... Surrealistic text, an already matured woman buys a toy gun for her nephew, even knowing beforehand that is broken. After having an argument,...

Four girlfriends at the coffee bar

by Daniele Aiolfi

If you hang out with "peppy" friends, maybe you will become "peppy" too! Especially if they make you obscene proposals but quite inviting, strong but exciting. Sex group is the best but not all of them have...

The Theatrò club privé

by Daniele Aiolfi

A private club experience. Who has never thought about it? How many have already done it? A married couple, a bit tarnished, decides after many second thoughts, to enter into a private club. Partner-swapping,...

Forty-fourth measure. A dangerous game

by Daniele Aiolfi

Excessive curiosity can lead you towards dangerous situations. Be careful... A young woman with the complex of having huge tits gets caught from a voyeurism game that becomes dangerous, exciting, overwhelming,...


by Daniele Aiolfi

Every woman has a friend like this. But men too... Federica is the friend who Valentina appeals to in moments of loneliness. Goes from one adventure to another after a disastrous marriage, but she is looking...

Matilde's will

by Daniele Aiolfi

An unexpected inheritance disrupts the life of a young woman making her discover a new life. The death of a mature mother makes a mysterious will emerge, for her own daughter, who then discovers that her mother...