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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000005: The Art Teacher's Vanishing Mast

by Dave Keane

How does a valuable painting vanish from a museum wall without a trace? Can you trust a goofball kid detective to recover priceless artwork? Why does Joe Sherlock's shirt stink worse than a dirty diaper?


Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000004: The Headless Mummy

by Dave Keane

Why would someone steal a 4,000-year-old mummy's head? Is this the work of shadowy grave robbers or some weird ancient curse? Could the missing noggin be stuck in Mr. Klopper's gigantic, crumb-filled beard?...

Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000003: The Missing Monkey-Eye Diamond

by Dave Keane

Why has a ring with a diamond the size of a monkey's eye suddenly disappeared? Will it be found before the wedding party turns into an angry mob? Most importantly, can somebody get Joe Sherlock out of the bath...

Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000002: The Neighborhood Stink

by Dave Keane

The mystery is underfoot...

On a beautiful, carpetlike lawn in a gated yard sit mysterious and smelly piles of dog poop. Mrs. Fefferland puts Joe Sherlock on the case to sniff out the culprit. But even Sherlock...

Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective, Case #000001: The Haunted Toolshed

by Dave Keane

Why are cakes vanishing into thin air? How can a mailbox disappear without a trace? When did something evil move into Mr. Asher's toolshed?

Strange and unexplained things are happening on Baker Street after dark,...