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Carthaginian Empire #14

by David Bowman

Having conquered Egypt it is time for the hard bitten and experienced army of Carthage to move north up the coast. First the city of Tyre stands in their way and if they can subdue the fabled island citadel...

Bay of Naples

Carthaginian Empire #18

by David Bowman

With the Roman fleet at the bottom of the Mediterranean and Hannibal's mercenary army marauding down the east coast of Italy Rome are up against it. When the entire Roman army is butchered at the battle of Cannae...

Handro and Athens

Carthaginian Empire #7

by David Bowman

Athens has been humbled on the battle field. Her army broken, her fleets destroyed. But Athens herself is untouched. Handro takes his chance. His orders are to humiliate but not sack the city the inhabitants...


Carthaginian Empire #23

by David Bowman

Fed up with the constant raids across the frontier, the river Rhine, into his otherwise peaceful province of Gaul, Hansro, its governor finally convinces the regional government in Mai Dan to take action. So...

Cold Revenge

Carthaginian Empire #32

by David Bowman

Forty years earlier the Vikings sent a fleet of Carthaginian galleys to the bottom of the North Sea, and left the bones of a Carthaginian army to whiten in the snows of Finland. It may have taken forty years...

Cold Water,Cold Land

Carthaginian Empire #31

by David Bowman

To stop the raids on their northern frontiers a punitive fleet is sent north to punish the remaining Viking tribes. Off the cape of Jutland the Carthaginian galleys finally find the Norse long ship is a formidable...

England Prospers

Carthaginian Empire #30

by David Bowman

Pushing north the Carthaginian forces have conquered Denmark. The Angles, the Saxons and the Franks have been overrun. The galleys of the Carthaginian fleet control the seas from Spain to Denmark. Protected...


Carthaginian Empire #24

by David Bowman

Nine years ago Hansro led his punitive expeditions against the tribes west of the Rhine. Now the Emperor is on the scene and his huge army is intent on crushing the Goths once and for all. As the campaign starts,...

European Union

Carthaginian Empire #22

by David Bowman

All of Europe west of the river Rhine lies under the hand of Carthage. Ruled jointly from the south, Carthage itself, and north, Mai Dain in Britain, the empire appears to be at peace. There are three firebrands...

Caesar Victorious

Carthaginian Empire #21

by David Bowman

At the hilltop fortress of Alesia, Vercingetorix leads a desperate force of Gaulish warriors in a last stand against a Carthaginian army led by the Roman Julius Caesar. With other tribes surrounding him Caesar...

Return to Athens

Carthaginian Empire #9

by David Bowman

Handro and the forces of Carthage have won the battles but the other cities of Greece have closed their gates to him and his Spartan allies. The Spartans have stormed Corinth and reduced it to rubble. Handro...

Nemea and Coronae

Carthaginian Empire #8

by David Bowman

After ten years of bitter war, finally the combined armies of Sparta and Carthage under their charismatic leaders Lysander and Handro have the chance to put an end to the struggles between the Greek city states....


Carthaginian Empire #3

by David Bowman

Carthage has a trick nobody else has realized. Their ships are mass produced. English oak is stronger than any timber available in the Mediterranean. Could this be turned to Carthage's advantage? Would an oak...