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A Boy Named Cemetery: A Nancy Sphinctergritzel Story: An Illustrated Irreverent Spoof About the World's Most Infamous Lush

by David Bret

Nancy Sphinctergritzel (1904-2010), the notorious Hollywood lush, had an imaginary love affair with Rudolph Valentino for over 8o years. The quintessential example of Machiavellian insanity, her lifelong aim...

The Yorkist Kings and the Wars of the Roses: Part One: Edward IV

by David Bret

Edward IV has always been overshadowed by his controversial younger brother Richard III, and is most remembered for his pursuit of pleasure~the archetypal medieval playboy. There was considerably more to him...

Rudolph Valentino's Magic Python! Those Loony One-star On-line Reviews

by David Bret

David Bret committed the 'carnal sin' of writing 'Valentino: A Dream Of Desire'wherein he stated the actor had been gay. The book remained in the best-sellers for 15 years. Championed by film director, Ken Russell,...

Brit Girls of the Sixties Volume One: Dusty Springfield & Helen Shapiro

by David Bret

The creator of the unique style known as 'blue-eyed soul', Dusty Springfield was instrumental in introducing Motown to Britain, and for several years reigned supreme on both sides of the Atlantic. Her voice~flute-like,...

Nancy's Italian Adventure: A Nancy Sphinctergritzel Story: An Illustrated Irreverent Spoof About the World's Most Infamous Lush

by David Bret

Nancy Sphinctergritzel (1904-2010), the most loathed of the Hollywood lushes. This quintessential example of Machiavellian insanity moved from one situation to another leaving behind a trail of misery. Married...

George Formby: An Intimate Biography of the Troubled Genius

by David Bret

In this revised edition of the work which topped the best-sellers in 1999 David Bret draws on exclusive interviews with those who knew him., incorporating a wealth of previously unobtainable source material...

Darvinz of Zarumna: A Mythological Romance of the Ancient World

by David Bret

Much of the world has been destroyed by the gods. Darvinz, a boy from the Zarumna flatlands-regarded as a freak because of his unusual complexion, is chosen by the God, Koizh, to redeem his race by embarking...

Freddie Mercury: An Intimate Biography

by David Bret

For over twenty years, Freddie Mercury reigned supreme as the frontman and leading light of one of the biggest, most exciting and best-selling bands in British musical history. From their debut in 1973 to the...

Rudolph Valentino's Moose: The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Story: An Illustrated Irreverent Spoof about the World's Most Infamous Lush

by David Bret

"The Queen of Homophobes" (1904-2010) was the illegitimate daughter of a parson's wife and an Indian brave. Leaving her shack, she arrived in Hollywood and appeared in a film with Mary Pickford. Seven times...

The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Trilogy: Rudolph Valentino's Moose + Lord Cecil Wilde: Before She Ruined Him + Nancy & Cecil: A Marriage Made in Hell: An I

by David Bret

Nancy (1904-2010) was the most hated of all Hollywood lushes. The quintessential example of Machiavellian insanity, she moved from one situation to the next, leaving a trail of tears and destruction in the name...

Rudolph Valentino: The Screen God Who Loved Men

by David Bret

In Rudolph Valentino: The Screen God Who Loved Men, best-selling author David Bret tells of the real Valentino, a man sexually attracted only towards other men, whose relationships with women, particularly his...

Lord Cecil Wilde: Before She Ruined Him: The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Story Prequel: An Illustrated Irreverent Spoof

by David Bret

Part Two of the Nancy Sphinctergritzel Trilogy recalls the life of Lord Cecil Wilde (1859-1947), eccentric English aristocrat. He had hundreds of lovers, but was most fond of rough-trade "Dilly Boys". He was...

Edith Piaf: Interviews with Those Who Knew Her

by David Bret

To honour the 50th anniversary of Edith Piaf's death, David Bret, Britain's foremost authority on the French chanson, has collated 17 interviews he conducted with those who knew her better than most. Elisabeth...

Valentino's Affairs: A Two-Act Play

by David Bret

In a career spanning barely seven years and just seven major films, Rudolph Valentino's name became synonymous with Latin passion. When his image flickered onto the screen, fans of both sexes swooned. In this...

Chanson: A Two-Act Play (a Story of Forbidden Love Set During the German Occupation of Paris)

by David Bret

The French singer, Marcel~brooding, mysterious and from the wrong side of the tracks, arrived in Paris in 1934 and was discovered singing in the streets by Gérard,the city's most prominent impresario. When...

Brit Girls of the Sixties: Kathy Kirby + Dusty Springfield + Cilla Black + Helen Shapiro + Marianne Faithfull + Sandie Shaw + Lulu

by David Bret

For the first time in a massive, single 133,000-word volume! KATHY KIRBY: Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe, for whom there was no such thing as a bad take. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD: The enigmatic, much-missed creator...

Our George: The George Formby Story: Play in 2 Acts + 'Our Annie's Funeral', a Monologue

by David Bret

'Our George' is based on David Bret's controversial, best-selling biography, 'George Formby: A Troubled Genius'. It presents the no-holds-barred story of the legendary British entertainer George Formby, he of...

The Piaf We Loved: A Two-Act Play

by David Bret

David Bret is an authority of the chanson and has written two best-selling books about Edith Piaf. This play is set in October 1963, just after her death. Pierre is the rough-and-ready owner of the Mimosa Club,...

Mario Lanza: Sublime Serenade

by David Bret

Maria Callas called him the greatest tenor who ever lived. Vocally and technically, Mario Lanza was a genius. Like Callas, Lanza's was a phenomenal talent complimented by a more than monstrous ego. Suffering...

Jean Harlow: Tarnished Angel

by David Bret

Jean Harlow was an enigma, the original Blonde Bombshell, completely uninhibited. She made no secret of the fact that she never wore underwear, bleached her pubic hair to match that on her head - and was never...