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Double Jeopardy

The StarFist Saga #14

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

It may be the twenty-fifth century, but the Marines are still looking for a few good men.

The Confederation has finally disclosed the existence of Skinks, fierce aliens bent on wiping out humankind. While the...

First to Fight

The StarFist Saga #1

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

"Marines, we have just become a low-tech deep recon patrol . . ."

Stranded in a hellish alien desert, stripped of their strategic systems, quick reaction force, and supporting arms, and carrying only a day's...

School of Fire

The StarFist Saga #2

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

Combat, betrayal, and murder at the edge of human space . . .

Deployed to assist the oligarchs of Wanderjahr in putting down a rebellion that threatens the planet's political and economic stability, the Marines...


The StarFist Saga #6

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

Six agents have died hideously trying to penetrate the crime families behind a vast empire of pleasure and debauchery--

Now it's up to the Marines to break the circle.

Most people will visit Havanagas only in...

Starfist: Kingdom's Swords

by Dan Cragg & David Sherman

The Marines were told it was a simple peasant rebellion–

but the mission proved to be far deadlier. . . .

Gunny Charlie Bass isn’t the only Marine mystified by the order sending the entire 34th to put down...


The StarFist Saga #5

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

A terrifying secret, an evil coterie of ruthless masterminds, a murderous battle of cunning and deadly skill--it's time to send in the Marines!

After the Confederation makes a shocking discovery on an alien world,...

Star Wars: Jedi Trial: A Clone Wars Novel

by David Sherman

“Within twenty-four standard hours we will sit firmly astride the communications link that connects the worlds of the Republic. . . . Our control will be a dagger thrust directly at Coruscant. This is the...

Lazarus Rising

The StarFist Saga #9

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

The hugely popular Starfist saga featuring Marines at war in outer space is the only military science fiction series written by real combat vets: David Sherman and Dan Cragg. Now comes the explosive hardcover...

Blood Contact

The StarFist Saga #4

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

Through three centuries of interstellar travel, intelligent alien life- forms had never been encountered . . . until now.

When a scientific team exploring an obscure planet fails to make its regular communications...

Gulf Run

Demontech #3

by David Sherman

Only a miracle can save them now.

Luckily, they have one: the Marines.

Like an invincible tidal wave of evil, the Dark Prince’s conquering armies roar across the land, leaving death and destruction in their...

Steel Gauntlet

The StarFist Saga #3

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

"Marines ain't supposed to sit. We're supposed to kill."

After the resource-rich planet Diamunde is seized by the armed forces of industrialist Marston St. Cyr, the Confederation Marines face their most desperate...

Wings of Hell

The StarFist Saga #13

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

Planet Haulover has been invaded by Skinks. Until now, the aliens' existence has been hushed up. But Force Recon's shocking report leaves the Confederation no choice but to mount a military campaign against...


The StarFist Saga #11

by Dan Cragg & David Sherman

Packed with hard-core action written by battle-savvy combat veterans, the explosive Starfist series has become hugely popular across America. Now the saga of the courageous Marines continues in Flashfire, as...

Rally Point

Demontech #2

by David Sherman

Ruthless and seemingly indestructible,

the dark army didn’t count on the few, the proud, the Marines.

The Dark Prince’s vast armies have destroyed nation after nation with the aid of powerful demon magic....


The StarFirst: Force Recon Saga #3

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

Swift, silent, and deadly–they strike where no one else dares.

Fear is the fastest-growing crop on Haulover, a newly colonized planet where someone–or something–is destroying isolated farmhouses. The unseen...


Demontech #1

by David Sherman

The diabolic armies appear invincible–

but they haven’t met the Marines.

The Dark Prince’s power to summon demons has made his forces second to none, and ensured his place as one of the invasion’s leaders....


The StarFist Saga #12

by Dan Cragg & David Sherman

Combat vets David Sherman and Dan Cragg know firsthand the courage, sacrifice, and hell of war–and their experiences have made the popular Starfist novels thrill rides of the highest order. Now the explosive...

Kingdom's Fury

The StarFist Saga #8

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

A few good Marines beat the fierce, fanatical aliens once before. But that was a skirmish–not a full-scale invasion.

The truth is out. No longer are the Skinks just a horrible secret haunting the Marines of...


The StarFirst: Force Recon Saga #2

by Dan Cragg & David Sherman


A Confederation army is besieged on the planet Ravenette, cut off by and facing destruction at the hands of a dozen...

Backshot: Starfist: Force Recon  Book 1

The StarFirst: Force Recon Saga #1

by David Sherman & Dan Cragg

An exciting new special-ops adventure from the battle-tested vets who created the popular Starfist series

Jorge Lavager, charismatic leader of the mysterious Union of Margelan, ferociously guards an agricultural...