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The Only Mindset Book You'll Ever Need for Network Marketing Success

by David Williams

What would it be like to walk across the stage at your company's annual convention? To be welcomed by your company's President as the newest top-level distributor? How would it feel to have your spouse and family...

Food for the Gods: New Light on the Ancient Incense Trade

by D. P. S. Peacock, A. C. S. Peacock & David Williams

The story of incense is one of the most intriguing in both eastern and western culture. From the first millennium BC to the present day it has been sought after and valued on a par with precious metals or gems....

The Philosophy of Japanese Wartime Resistance: A reading, with commentary, of the complete texts of the Kyoto School discussions of "The Standpoint of

by David Williams

The transcripts of the three Kyoto School roundtable discussions of the theme of 'the standpoint of world history and Japan' may now be judged to form the key source text of responsible Pacific War revisionism....

Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases: Microbiological Aspects and Risks

by Steven L. Percival, Marylynn V. Yates & David Williams

The second edition of Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases describes the diseases associated with water, their causative agents and the ways in which they gain access to water systems. The book is divided into...

Second Sight

by David Williams

This classic, much-loved novel tells the story of Jennie Logan, a woman caught between two worlds, two times, and the two men she loves—one her husband and one an artist who may have died in 1899. David Williams’...

The World Bank and Social Transformation in International Politics: Liberalism, Governance and Sovereignty

by David Williams

In the 1990s the World Bank changed its policy to take the position that the problems of poverty and governance are inextricably linked, and improving the governance of its borrower countries became increasingly...

The Trickster Brain: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Narrative

by David Williams

The Trickster Brain: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Nature by David Williams looks at literature from an evolutionary, biological, and neurological perspective. He uses the Trickster character as he/she appears...

A People's History of the Civil War: Struggles for the Meaning of Freedom

by David Williams & Howard Zinn

Bottom-up history at its very best, A People’s History of the Civil War "does for the Civil War period what Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States did for the study of American history in...

International Development and Global Politics: History, Theory and Practice

by David Williams

This textbook provides a historical survey of economic and political development theory and practice from 1945. Against the background of changes in global politics, it explores how the project of international...

The Official Shrewsbury Town Quiz Book

by Chris Cowlin & David Williams

Are you Shrewsbury Town Football Club's biggest supporter? Never missed a game and know all there is to know about your favourite team? Then this quiz book is aimed at you. Containing 800 questions guaranteed...

Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship

by David Williams

The New York Times Best Seller

Countless books and blogs have extolled the virtues of the Cat Lady—now photographer David Williams celebrates cat-owning men and the precious kitties who have stolen their...

Ten Years a Free Man

by David Williams

You've heard about the man who bought a penis enlarger on ebay and received by return of post 'a magnifying glass' with the instruction do not use in direct sunlight. This e book could have been Titled 'The...

A Soldier's Love

by David Williams

Bill had been captured and sustained life threatening injuries. Rescued and flown back to a hospital in England, Bill spent weeks recovering from his physical injuries. The army had concerns about his mental...

Network Marketing Perfect Niche: Baby Boomers: How to Recruit Boomers Into Your Multi Level Business

by David Williams

DANGER! Guess who's being pushed out of the life boat? Baby Boomers, and they are looking to join your business. This niche is perfect for our industry. But what you don't know is how to market to boomers, what...

Desert England

by David Williams

A terrifying tidal wave was sweeping across Europe, leaving widespread devastation in its wake. But this was no natural phenomenon; this was a wholly manmade weapon of terror, dubbed by the foreign media as...

Network Marketing Autoresponder Messages and Email Messages Wellness Nutritional Pack

by David Williams

This book contains a professionally written email drip campaign of 30 powerful, engaging and entertaining persuasive email/autoresponder messages focused on the wellness industry. If your products include wellness,...

Obtaining Your Federal Firearms License

by David Williams

A simple guide to help you through the complex process of applying to the BATF to become a retail firearms dealer. This guide helps make this process easier and ensures step by step that your application will...

Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing Professionals Guide to Recruiting Wellness and Holistic Practitioners for 2015

by David Williams & Max Hailey

New Second Edition for 2015 Includes Anti-Aging Special Section Special Wellness Autoresponder Series for Wellness prospecting that have not been used in any of my previous books Check out just some of the Table...

Network Marketing Autoresponder Email Messages - Financial Woes Pack

by David Williams

This book contains a professionally written email drip campaign of 30 powerful, engaging and entertaining persuasive email/autoresponder messages focused on your prospects' 'Financial Woes' and how YOU can help...

Multi Level Marketing Script Treasury - Not Your Usual Network Marketing Phone Scripts

by David Williams

This book is full of the top pulling, most valuable and very rare MLM phone scripts that have earned their users many thousands of dollars. These scripts are for pros. Turn a voice mail message into a recruiting...